The NBA on TNT: NBA Playoffs: CLE vs TOR
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Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals was last night (5/17/16) wherein the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Toronto Raptors. In contrast to the Western Conference it was not exactly pretty. In contrast to a bullfight, it was a bit inhumane. Game 2 is tomorrow. Good luck, other!
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I'm really not seeing Toronto get too far here.
posted by lkc at 11:08 PM on May 19, 2016

And I was wrong! Still don't think they will win, but they sure gave the Cavs a run tonght!
posted by lkc at 10:34 PM on May 21, 2016

They shot well, Cav shot badly. It happens. Why wasn't Kevin Love in during critical moments? Weird. Doubt TOR can do it again. But the longer this series extends the more tired Lebron will be in the finals.
posted by Potomac Avenue at 6:08 AM on May 23, 2016

JV is probably back now, and prior to his injury he was playing great. I would have been a lot happier to go up 3-0...
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Also just to be a bit pedantic, as much as I wish the east were on TNT, the eastern playoffs and finals are on the Worldwide Leader. I don't know if that's important for book keeping or whatever, but preferably we would keep it this way as papercut to the ESPN brand.
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Wow! 2-2 Split. Crazy. I can't get my head around this team, are they just super at home and slightly above mediocre on the road? They had a better record than OKC, but man when they struggle, they struggle.

These conference finals are pretty dramatic after some snoozey first two rounds (last years opening rounds were nuts, but settled in quickly).

Go Raps! Love seeing Demarre rock it.
posted by lkc at 8:19 PM on May 23, 2016

Also, Biyombo seems to have caught a case of defensive monsterism.
Or maybe just leveled up his earlier case.
posted by lkc at 8:23 PM on May 23, 2016

Biyombos powers might only exist near Jurassic Park? He's going to get paid this spring, I wonder if the Raps can afford to keep him...

One thing I noticed watching the postgame presser that I hadn't given much thought too: these are really Kyrie and Loves first intense playoff games. Like the earlier one were 'normal' playoff intensity, but there wasn't really any pressure ever on the Cavs to win a particular game - just the series overall. Now with this series getting tied, a more active hostile crowd, and increased pressure on them it's probably somewhat of a newer experience.

Seeing how much Delly improved last year in the finals and carried it over to this year makes me really excited. If Kyrie and Love experience something similar (which to be clear, I don't think will happen, at least to the same degree because their already have such a high talent level), but if they incrementally improve for next year I think the Cavs will be in great shape...
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Welp, series seems over now. Momentum completely back in line for Lebron n the boys. Especially Love, he looked amazing. Maybe Lue keeping him on the bench 4q in Toronto was actually brilliant coaching? As I and everyone on earth pointed out on twitter last night because the game was boring, Cavs (and TOR) have home court over the Thunder, who had a really up and down year. Though I guess given the WCF doesn't really matter to the Thunder at the moment! But boy, the Cavs seem unstoppable at home, in a way that GSW used to. It's all happening for Lebron. He just needs to not choke at this point. [Gilbertarenas.gif]
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Bring tha mothafuckin' ruckus.

Good series Toronto, impressed with your fans. Am interested to see who Masai can bring in to take some of the load off DDR and Lowry. It seems like the game the Raps won were when their all stars were hitting hard shots -- they never had anything easy offensively. Don't know if thats lack of talent on the offensive side, or a coach that prefers isos and relatively little ball movement? Either way, getting buckets like that just seems exhausting.
posted by yeahwhatever at 10:59 PM on May 27, 2016

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