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A Club for Discussion of the National Basketball Associations Televised Broadcasts. We will discuss the Playoffs, important news items and possibly the regular season in Weekly Recap threads.

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June 23

NBA Offseason Kickoff / Draft Talk

With Cleveland taking the championship, the offseason is now in full-swing! [more inside]
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June 2

The NBA on TNT: NBA Finals: CLE vs GSW  Season 27, Episode 6

The NBA Finals begin tonight, 6/2/2016, featuring a rematch of last year's match-up. But many things have changed. The Warriors are somehow way better than they were last year with the same personnel (including ye olde Del Curry Jr), and the Cavs are healthy and rested. Who will the narrative favor? The Never-beloved Old Guard, or the New Math? [more inside]
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May 18

The NBA on TNT: NBA Playoffs: CLE vs TOR  Season 27, Episode 5

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals was last night (5/17/16) wherein the Cleveland Cavaliers took on the Toronto Raptors. In contrast to the Western Conference it was not exactly pretty. In contrast to a bullfight, it was a bit inhumane. Game 2 is tomorrow. Good luck, other!
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May 17

The NBA on TNT: NBA Playoffs: OKC vs GSW  Season 27, Episode 4

The Western Conference Finals kicked off in Oakland last night (5/16/16). The underdog Oklahoma City Thunder took on the rolling, unstoppable, half-court draining Golden State Warriors on their way to an inevitab--WAIT WHAT? WHY DID I PASS OUT ON THE COUCH AT HALFTIME....Game 2 is on Wednesday 5/18 at 9pm. [more inside]
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May 11

The NBA on TNT: NBA Playoffs: MIA vs TOR  Season 27, Episode 3

The Toronto Raptors, a young unproven team with a rabid fan base trying to get further than they have in recent memory, are tied with a Miami Heat team plagued by injury and age, who nevertheless have played with great guile and ferocity. The Severe North vs the Lackadaisical South. Lannisters vs Starks. And so forth. Meanwhile, Lebron is chilling in an ice bath with the dragons. Game 5 is tonight, 5/11/16.
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The NBA on TNT: NBA Playoffs: POR vs GSW  Season 27, Episode 2

The Golden State Warriors are leading the Portland Trailblazers 3-1. Tonight (5/11/16) could be the final game. It looked like it be a competitive series. Lillard was cooking. The Warriors defense was sputtering. But now, Daddy's Home.
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May 10

The NBA on TNT: NBA Playoffs: OKC vs SAS  Season 27, Episode 1

The Oklahoma City Thunder are playing the San Antonio Spurs for the Western Conference Semi-finals. Game 5 airs 5/10/2016. As of this posting, the series is tied. The narrative so far: Hero Ball vs Death Machine. [more inside]
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May 9

Join the NBA Club

We're doing a thing! NBA Fans who want to discuss the NBA Playoffs in 2016 on Metafilter, please join this friendship Basketball Discussion Club and speak out about what format you'd like to see this discussion take place in. If we get enough members and people seem to want it, it will happen. If it don't we won't. Ball don't lie. [more inside]
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NBA Club: Playoff Discussions

RE: the new addition of SPROTS to Metafilter (Metatalk here), what is the best way to discuss the NBA Playoffs in a non-live-chat way? My vote would be: One thread per series, no updates, people discuss asynchronously. Thoughts? Feelings? [more inside]
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