Black Jesus: The Manure Heist
August 29, 2014 5:17 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Without money Black Jesus has to find another way to get fertilizer for the community garden.

Jesus and his followers decide to steal manure from a stable but needs Jason as a wheelman. Jason and Dianne's relationship has improved now that Jason has a job (and isn't associating with Jesus). Vic can't find his newly purchased loafers, suspects Fish, and puts Lloyd on the case.
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Dear Aaron. We don't need this. "Nigga" said 10 times in the intro alone. Maybe in 30 years or something. But right now I don't need this shown to people who may end up making hiring decisions, or only come into contact with a few black people a month and form opinions based on this. Love, Cashman.

Other than that whole thing, Gerald Johnson is likeable as Jesus. It would be interesting to me if they somehow notably tied events back to scripture. Also I do like how it interjects ideas of forgiveness and loving in situations where most people just feel rage, and rightfully so. Also you see how Lloyd is all up in Vic's house now where before Lloyd wouldn't have wanted anything to do with him.

I realize that some of this show isn't meant for me, since the language just goes above and beyond in many of these episodes. But I don't think it's a stretch then to say that of the intended audience, very very few of them are watching this show. Like, you could probably fit them all into Ms Tookie's truck.

In looking for Gerald's name, I found this article on a Christian website about the show.
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I keep hoping that McGruder will at some point reveal the switcheroo he intended all along, but I have a feeling it's not coming.
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