Steven Universe: Same Old World
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Steven takes Lapis Lazuli on a tour of Earth.
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Awww Lapis. Though a little concerning too, given her possessiveness. Rebecca Sugar has talked about how Lapis is based around emotional manipulation - what if she's been manipulating Steven this whole time? (Doesn't even have to be deliberate for it to be harmful.)
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Hot dog duffel bag! Hot dog duffel bag!
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Little details: the photo on the barn wall of Stephen's aunt and uncle; his Dad's t-shirt; the hot-dog duffle bag. I love the attention to detail on this show.

Hard to believe that little hole in the ground behind them is where Stephen and Peridot saved the world.

Lapis's story is so sad. Left behind over and over again. I hope she can get over herself and settle with the Crystal Gems. And I worry about Jasper coming back and how that will affect her.
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Lapis' story is pretty convenient in that she wasn't directly involved in the war and didn't have a beef with the Crystal Gems but still has reasons to hate them since she was mistaken for one, imprisoned, left, and then found by Pearl who didn't care enough to see if a living sentient Gem was inside that mirror.

Also her story indicates the Homeworld gems were in full retreat at the end, which supports the theory that the diamonds unleashed some kind of super weapon on the Crystal Gems as a spiteful final blow. Rose's bubble protected Garnet and Pearl, everyone else that was directly exposed were corrupted into monsters.

I wonder if she was ever approached by recruiters during the war. I think if you're fighting for a planet then it pays to have a Gem who can turn 70% of that planet into Fuck You.

I can see Lapis and Peridot settling their differences, but Jasper? If Jasper is ever getting redeemed it'll be interesting to see how. She'll have to show real contrition.
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One thing that is bugging me a bit is this thing Steven has going where he is recruiting gems by saying, "Hey look how cool the Earth is, it's great here, you should be on Earth's side instead of Homeworld's." I am of two minds on this. I don't like it because it reminds me of some unhealthy attitudes towards mental illness. Like, "Depressed people really just need to get outside and see the world and they'll buck right up." On the other hand, I do agree with the environmental message that is there, like, nature has some intrinsic value, it's not something that we should just seek to exploit or shove out of the way in the name of maximum efficiency.

I think what Steven needs to learn is that these gems are not on his side because they love Earth. Earth is great, but Steven is also the first person they have encountered who wants them to be happy anywhere, who gives them agency and wants to help them use that agency to pursue their own interests. To Steven, it looks like he is making a sales pitch for the virtues of his planet, but to the gems, he is also saying "What you want matters. I want to help you find a new way to live, where you can be who you want to be and do what you want to do" THAT is the sort of support that really can help people. Like, if I am feeling bad and my friend makes me cookies, it's not that the cookies made me feel better, it's that reminder that I have a friend who is there for me. Similarly I hope the show does not mistake the cookies (or Earth) for the friendship that they represent.
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That's a really good point, rustrcrumb!

Lapis has potential to be a good character, and she's appealing, but there's not much sense of who she is yet. We know she has a temper and a load of resentment to deal with (and is very strong). But we don't know what she likes or cares about, apart from Steven. She says in the first appearance "Don't you know who I used to BE??" and that is the problem; we don't. I hope we find out in a satisfying way.

"Bismuth", the bubbled gem in Lion's mane, has been a HUGE source of speculation for people on Reddit and Tumblr; if the gem who poofed Lapis is the same gem it only deepens the mystery of why it's not bubbled in the Temple, and even whether it's a Homeworld or Crystal gem.

I think it's worth pointing out that being stuck in the mirror might also have saved Lapis. Had she not been able to join the retreat, whatever happened to the corrupted Gems would have happened to her too.

I am wondering about the barn a lot at this point. Clearly it's going to be Crystal Gem Base 2.0. It appears to have a warp pad not far away (although why then did the Gems ride in Greg's van??). I look forward to Peridot's repairs though I'd love it if they were totally space-age, metal, non-barn-like repairs.

How are they going to make the plots work going forward if it's divided between Beach City and the Barn, though?
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Someone zoomed in on Empire City and found an amusing play that's going on....
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The storyboard artist shared the "To the nearest warp pad!" boards, and it's not indicated that the nearest warp pad is in any way close to the barn.

It makes more sense that there isn't a pad anywhere near the barn, but that scene plus how the CGs arrive at Mask/Watermelon Island as quickly as Steven warging into a watermelon make it seem like there is. Maybe the CGs ride with Greg to escort the Gem tech they filled the van with? But then why does Steven say "I'll ride back on Lion" and not "I'll just take the warp pad that's literally right there"

Anyway, I want to see Pearl apologize to Lapis for never investigating the gem in the mirror, and I want to see Lapis get more character development. Luckily the next episode is going to be Steven getting Lapis and Peridot to tolerate each other so maybe we'll see some good stuff there. I can't wait to see what Peridot and Lapis build to make the barn their home.
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I... do not like the idea of Peridot and Lapis living in the barn unsupervised. I hope at least Steven stays with them! In a proper bed. Cute as that caterpillar sleeping bag is, he's still a (slowly) growing boy.

The "You might like Jersey, it seems to hate the earth too!" gag made me laugh. With shame, but I laughed. Sorry, Jersey.
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They're going to have to change the theme song if that happens.
That's why the people of this world
Believe in
Lapis, Peridot
And Jasper
And Steven

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Mr.Encyclopedia: If Jasper is ever getting redeemed it'll be interesting to see how. She'll have to show real contrition.

rustcrumb: I think what Steven needs to learn is that these gems are not on his side because they love Earth.

Which together is the basis of my theory for how Jasper will end up at least allied with the Crystal Gems: I don't think she'll care a whit for the Earth, or ever support Rose's rebellion. But I think she'll end up convinced that Homeworld has lost its way and needs to be fixed. I suspect the combination of Peridot, the young one who can go on at length about how Homeworld's decisions are "logically incorrect", and Lapis who remembers the way it used to be and was shocked by the changes, can convince her that deposing the Fourth Diamond and becoming a triumvirate was a mistake, and the actual betrayal. I believe, in her own mind, Jasper will remain loyal to an ideal that she thinks she might have forgotten.
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I'm really, really looking forward to Pearl and Lapis interacting. I love both of them!
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I just realized... what was probably Lapis' favorite spot on old Earth, the one spot she bothered to see while she was around? Here's a hint -- it's the place that Steven messed up and let fall to pieces.
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