The Bachelorette: Week 6
June 28, 2016 8:03 AM - Season 12, Episode 6 - Subscribe

¡Hola Argentina! Wells gets his first one-on-one. Soccer playing group date. Chase and Derek are picked for a two-on-one. Rose ceremony twist.

So, what did you all think of this week's episode? Sad to see Wells go, or good riddance? Whose side are you on in the James/Jordan poker rule brouhaha? Did James do the right thing by telling JoJo? Is Jordan a prick or just misunderstood? Is James' humility and aww-shucks-good-guy shtick genuine and endearing or overplayed and annoying? Is Luke as smokin' hot as I think he is (SRSLY DID YOU SEE THAT KISS)? Is Chase just saying what he thinks she wants to hear? Does anyone care that Derek went home? What about the (lack of a) rose ceremony? And can anyone even comprehend why Alex is still around?
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This was such a boring episode. It's the kind of episode that leads people who don't watch the show make fun of those who do. Seriously, I run a fantasy Bachelorette game, and I think there were like five points awarded before the rose ceremony. We finally got a bleep from Chase at the end. So boring.

I liked Wells. He seemed entirely too normal for this show, and for JoJo.

Luke will be the next Bachelor. My wife suggested it last night, and I'd be willing to put money on it.
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Yes or no to all of your questions!

So....Chase is always high, yes? He is devoid of expression.
This is his "It's nice out today" face: 0_0
This is his "We're having chicken for dinner" face: 0_0
This is his "Chase, I'm falling in love with you" face: 0_0
This is his "Chase, I just looked at your phone...who is Cassandra and why is she sending you naked pics" face 0_0
This is his "Whoa, the house is on fire" face: 0_0
This is his "Chase.....I'm pregnant with sextuplets" face: 0_0
This is his "Everyone you have ever known just disappeared in a giant nuclear explosion" face: 0_0

Robby needs to lay off of the botox and also the tweezers. Also he looks exactly like Will Forte. Haha.
There was also a Bradley Cooper clone and of course Derek looks just like John Krasinski.

You should take a peek at Luke's instagram if you can stand it...the guy has like...24 pack abs.

Alex is so unlikable. He is always looking to the other guys for validation of everything he says. His comments after getting a rose were Just So Alex. James Taylor's reaction was adorable. He is so freaking cute that I can't stand it. He just seems like such a good guy.

Jordan continues to creep me out. He is not a good guy. His words are too calculating and thought out in advance. He thinks too hard and long before anything he says. And let's face it, the show really ended as soon as he said he wanted to be engaged at the end of it. Mic drop. Congrats to Jordan and JoJo. I'm sure the post show story will be that yes, Jordan went on the show for selfish reasons (to get his face out there for a broadcasting gig or to become the next bachelor) but wonder of wonders, he fell for JoJo and the guy just could not resist taking a chance on love.
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"So....Chase is always high, yes? He is devoid of expression."

His voice is also lacking in enthusiasm. He is clearly not there for his personality.
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A disappointing episode, for sure. Keeping both James and Alex at the end when they are obviously the next two going home is just delaying the inevitable. And, while Jordan is starting to rub me the wrong way, the "fight" between him and James seemed so ridiculous as to be laughable, even for this show.
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This episode tanked my league in a way that I am still bitter XP

Agreed this episode was super boring except! For the editing of don't cry for me Argentina and Derek leaving had me on the floor.
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Would you mind giving me some details of your league? I run a small league and I'm a little dissatisfied with the format I set up.

And yes, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" was absolutely hilarious.
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