The Bachelorette: Week 6? Week 7? Who knows?
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Still in Argentina, JoJo begins the process of trimming the guys down to four for hometowns. Alex, Jordan, and Luke all get one-on-ones, and the others get a group date. Highlight of the week: when one of the guys (no spoilers) is professing his love for her, a visibly bored JoJo yawns and loudly clears her throat. The suitor continued his monologue without interruption. Could there be a better metaphor for this season?

This episode has attracted a lot more attention on the internet (it was on Facebook's trending news today) than the events deserved, pretty much entirely because of Jordan's one-on-one date. Looking forward to next week's hometown dates, JoJo asks Jordan which of his family members she'll get to meet. Either she she somehow believes a Super Bowl-winning MVP quarterback who's one of the greatest players of his generation will take time out of his schedule for a cameo on a reality show, or she wants Jordan to know that she's really only interested in him for his more famous, more talented, much richer, and pretty much all-around cooler brother. Presumably, she intends to use the hometown date with Jordan to pull off a brother switch. But Jordan throws some cold water (Gatorade?) on her plans by breaking the news that Golden Boy will not actually be there. It turns out they're not actually that close. Jordan and the rest of his family disapprove of how Aaron has "chosen to do life", whatever that means.

Except...there's a pretty prominent theory on the internet, well before this episode, about what that could mean. I'm not going to give details, because it's kind of mean-spirited, but you can find it pretty easily, and it's a way of "doing life" that might create some friction between Rodgers and his supposedly conservative Christian family... Thoughts?
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Your synopsis is great ;)

Yes I know exactly what you're talking about and I guess I can't wrap my head it. I feel really sorry for Aaron if that is the case.
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Okay, you're gonna have to tell me, because I've now read upwards of a dozen articles and none of them definitively point to the origin of this family rift. Did it start with Aaron ditching his groomsman's duty last-minute at that family friend's wedding? Something to do with Aaron & Olivia?

Also I've now read enough to concede that Jordan is, unfortunately, prob a total asshole who used JoJo and this show to land a broadcasting gig (well done).

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The Aaron/Olivia things seems to be the commonly-accepted explanation. Supposedly Olivia set Jordan up with a friend and Jordan misbehaved (these were the rumors JoJo asked him to address earlier this season).

The more conspiratorial explanation is that Aaron is gay. He has denied the rumors, but they persist. If the rumors are true, your theory that Jordan is an asshole would be well-supported.
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Ah ha! Thank you, hadn't come across that gay rumor yet... which, indeed, if that's why... holy shit, the whole Rodgers family are total a-holes.
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""As far as those kinds of things go, I've always found that it's a little inappropriate to talk publicly about some family matters, so I'm just -- I'm not going to speak on those things, but I wish him well in the competition." - Aaron Rodgers on his brother's Bachelorette appearance and family drama.

Aaron is certainly coming off as the more mature, thoughtful, normal brother.
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