The Adventure Zone: Ep. 43. The Eleventh Hour - Chapter Three
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Our heroes start to get a hang of the difficult business of repetition as they learn more about Refuge and the events that led the town to such a sorry state. How much catastrophe can they undo in 60 minutes? Certainly they can't make things worse -- can they? Taako burns some spell slots. Magnus goes Over the Top. Merle's evangelism is met with the usual reception.
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This is shaping up to be the best arc. The conceit is really strong, and for the first time, I wish I could jump in and play. Two weeks between episodes is too long!
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My favorite parts: bartender recognizing Taako, Merle singing Book of Pan, Bjork The Bread Witch, diamonds pleeeeeease

The real hero of this arc is and always will be Roswell
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Justin's realization that he can just burn through spell slots because they will refresh as soon as the game resets was perfect.
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I just burned through this entire series from start to finish in a couple of weeks. I originally heard about it when The Flop House switched hosting duties with them during The Great Switcheroo, but resisted checking it out for some reason. But, oh em gee, I love it so much.

Re: a theory that's been discussed in a couple previous threads (I'll use rot13 to talk about it):

V unir nyfb orra nffhzvat gung gurer'f zber gb gur OBO guna jr xabj, naq gung gur Qverpgbe jvyy jvaq hc orvat n ivyynva. Ubjrire, V qba'g guvax fur vf bar evtug abj. Pregnvayl gur negvsnpgf nera'g whfg inavfuvat vagb abguvat, ohg V guvax gung ng guvf cbvag, fur vf npghnyyl gelvat gb xrrc gurz fnsr. Ohg ng fbzr cbvag va gur shgher fur jvyy cebonoyl trg pbeehcgrq.

Ohg, gb rkcnaq ba gur gurbel n yvggyr, V unir orra jbaqrevat vs gur Byq Jbzna va guvf nep vf npghnyyl gur Qverpgbe. Vg'f cbffvoyr gung fur orpnzr pbeehcgrq ol gur Punyvpr ng fbzr cbvag va gur shgher naq vf abj whfg oneryl ubyqvat ba gb guvf bar yvggyr ohooyr jvgu gur cneg bs urefrys gung jnagf gb or qrsrngrq/erfphrq ol Bhe Urebrf.
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I also have an alternate theory, which I'm less convinced of, but I thought I'd go ahead and put it out there:

Jr arire ERNYYL tbg n erfbyhgvba sbe jul, qhevat gur Crgnyf gb gur Zrgny nep, Xynet whfg fubjrq hc univat orra tynzbherq ol Gnnxb. Hayrff V'z zvfgnxra, ur jnf ABG tynzbherq jura gurl svefg zrg uvz va gur tnentr! Naq sbe gung znggre, vg'f njshyyl pbairavrag gung ur jnf gurer ng nyy - juvpu vf gbgnyyl sbetvinoyr ol guvf fubj'f Pbagevinapr Fgnaqneqf, bs pbhefr, ohg gurer znl or fbzrguvat zber fvavfgre tbvat ba.

V guvax Gnnxb zvtug trg pbeehcgrq ng fbzr cbvag va gur shgher - cbffvoyl ol gur Punyvpr, abj gung jr xabj nobhg vgf rkvfgrapr. V guvax Pbeehcg Gnnxb zvtug gura tb onpx guebhtu gurve nqiragherf naq znxr yvggyr ahqtrf gb uryc gur urebrf bhg, vapyhqvat qebccvat Xynet bss va Tbyqpyvss naq gura tynzbhevat uvz gb uryc bhg qhevat gur enpr. Jul? Orpnhfr vs ur qbrfa'g qb gubfr guvatf, gur thlf jba'g fheivir gb svaq gur Punyvpr va gur svefg cynpr.

Uryy vs V xabj ubj gurl'q chyy gung nep bss va cenpgvpr, ohg jbhyqa'g vg or qnza pbby?
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showbiz_liz, I'm impressed with the thought you put into both of those ideas! I have such a hard time following even the basic plotline of this podcast, but I persist in listening to it regardless. I try so hard but find myself staring off into space with no idea of what's happened in the past five minutes and I have to rewind and listen again. I really put some effort into it yesterday with this episode and I enjoyed it so much.
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It probably helps that I binged it in less than two weeks. With more time in between I prob wouldn't have put this much thought into it!
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You know, now that I think about it, I might go back and binge re-listen. I've been with it from the beginning and forget how they can be different experiences, like watching Breaking Bad straight through was way different from waiting week to week.
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Klarg is addressed in the Crystal Kingdom arc. He escaped the lab and shrugged off his programming chip, but at his first post-lab job Taako's charm spell interacted weirdly with the chip and now Klarg is permanently afflicted with randomly being charmed by Taako.
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