The Adventure Zone: Ep. 44. The Eleventh Hour - Chapter Four
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Our heroes explore an extremely deadly derelict mine in an attempt to find out what's happening to Refuge every time the clock strikes noon. They do so with the usual amount of caution and grace, which is to say things go very, very, very poorly, very, very, very often. Merle makes some furry friends. Magnus finds a trap the hard way. Taako flies to Heaven.
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The Live Die Repeat in this episode was fun, but, credit where it is due, they actually figured out that locker trap pretty effectively.

This really has turned into a weird western, and I am loving it.
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I'm wondering if they can figure out a way to use those meat-eating bugs against the worm.
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He leaned away slightly!
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I just saw the live Adventure Zone show in Boston last night, and it was phenomenal! No spoilers, but it was a really fun self-contained side story with a fun callback to the Rockport Limited arc and some silly new characters and costumes. The crowd was really into it the whole time, and the McElroys stayed long after the show to meet and sign posters for every single person in a very long line. They were really nice!

Y'all, when they release the recording of this episode eventually, you're gonna love it.
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Can you tell us if Steven appears, or if Taako advances in the Taako quest?
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I do think that Steven appeared, but he didn't have a major role. The taco quest didn't make any progress, but Taako did a LOT of magical wet stunts. And Angus gets some awesome character development!
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Hey... so, waaay back in episode 4, as you probably don't recall because I didn't either until I idly re-listened to it, Our Heroes found a skeleton sitting in a cave with the Umbra Staff. The story with this guy, apparently, was that he sealed the vault to protect what was inside, and gave up his life to do so by locking himself inside too.

All of his clothing was disintegrated, except for his robe, which was red.

So, ok. I think this lends a LOT of credence to the idea that maybe the Bureau of Balance is either bad guys or may in the future become bad guys. Could be that the Red Robes are actually the GOOD guys. Which would obviously have some major implications for the current arc.
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I think we've definitely been pondering the idea that the director is actually not destroying the artefacts but keeping them for herself before on previous fanfare threads yeah.
The red robed umbra staff guy is an interesting twist on this.
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