The League: Sitting Shiva
September 3, 2014 9:24 PM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The League returns with Jenny on top, Kevin below and Andre throwing shade. Slate does not approve but EW in their full recap mostly does.

Needs more Rafi. Doesn't everything?
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I love Teflondre, and I'm hopeful that spinning the show to Kevin on the bottom and Andre getting a brief and strange rise will work out. By work out, I mean end horribly and humiliatingly.
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That's exactly what my spouse said, and I agree. The treatment of Andre (both by the characters and the writers) had become kind of sickeningly cruel.

I want Ted's phone, which somehow managed to land on its side so it could continue to broadcast his death.

JJ Watt picking up the coffin with one hand was a hilarious small moment.
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Wait, what channel is this on?
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FXX. It was on FX, but they split off most of the comedy stuff to the new channel.

Specifically, Wednesdays at 10 Eastern.
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