Steven Universe: Steven Floats
July 18, 2016 9:12 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Steven and the Crystal Gems return to Beach City after saving the world, and Steven discovers a new power.
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"My power is tied to my emotions! AH, just like all my stupid powers!" (falls faster)
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I went ahead and posted these two since it was getting late, but I presume Small Dollar will be doing these too.
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Things I noted:
- Steven throws his shoes to get Amethyst's attention, which inadvertently makes him a little more like his always-barefoot mother.
- His ability to control gravity's effect on him also explains why he was the only one that floated on the Moon, although there we see all gems have limited ability to simulate or ignore Gravity. I wonder if there even was gravity on the handship, since gems apparently provide their own.
- this episode was a great mix of important exposition and slice of life. I love how SU mixes the two so well. The jokes, like JHarris's example and Garnet procuring a phone, are also top notch.
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"Oh, there's Steven, just flyin' around...

...Steven can flight, right? Yeah.... wait, that's Lapis!"

Amethyst forgets she can fly too, if she shapeshifts right! Remember the Amycopter back in Message Received? Or the Dogcopter-with-a-boom-box-for-a-head? Or even Amethyst-the-Owl in Story for Steven?
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Very sweet episode, which I saw early thanks to French leaks, but still very sweet. Not much going on plot-wise other than his new power. Except:

*Confirmation that feelings about his mom are complicated
*He thought of the Gems, instead of Connie, as a way to cheer himself up. Didn't expect that.
*His power appears to work by making him/whatever touches him/lighter (which is why putting a boat on him did not help/why the Gems couldn't just pull him down).
* Which means that he might not actually be freakishly strong per the next episode, but able to make things he touches light.
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hello, tv, we ve got catching up to do
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