The Bachelorette: Hometowns
July 19, 2016 7:33 AM - Season 22, Episode 8 - Subscribe

JoJo travels to visit each remaining suitor's hometown: -Highland Ranch, Colorado (Chase) -Chico, California (Jordan) -Saint Augustine, Florida (Robby) -Burnet, Texas (Luke) JoJo pressures each member of the Rodgers family to discuss Aaron. Each declines. Boredom ensues.

If I were JoJo, I would have married Chase on the spot just because of the scenery near his house. I actually told my wife "time to start thinking about moving to Colorado". Wow.

I feel so bad for poor Chase this week. His parents' divorce was obviously tough on him (and his sister). His dad doesn't even get to be around the rest of the family. And Chase, whom we heretofore assumed to be incapable of expressing emotion, spent most of the episode with tears in his eyes. Finally he worked up the courage to tell JoJo he's falling in love with her and... he's gonna get get dropped. That sucks.

I think this episode made Chase look much better than he has the rest of the season. He has not made much of an impression besides his inability to change his facial expression, but today he came off as a real person who actually seems like he'd be pretty cool to hang out with.

JoJo was practically begging the Rodgers family to talk about Aaron. Really weird. We get it. He's famous. Leave it alone. There has to be something else to talk about.

How weird is it that Robby refers to his dad as "Coach"?

Luke came across really well. I think he's the most interesting dude on the show. Probably too interesting for the show, actually, which is why he comes across as aloof. I told my wife after their first one-on-one date that he would be the next Bachelor. I stick by that.
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I agree, Luke will be the next bachelor. I find him very odd looking but I can for sure see the appeal. He seems like a really genuine guy. I kind of fell in love with Chase last night, not gonna lie. He is the sweetest thing and not too hard on the eyes. I think Robby is ok but too perfect and rehearsed and manscaped. There's definite future drama with his ex. Supposedly his ex has been hanging around with Meat Chad. Which is weird.

JoJo's obsession with Aaron Rodgers is seriously disturbing. Like....calm down, girl. Get a grip. If this wasn't a tv show Jordan would have dumped her he gets that all the time...girls who come on to him to see if he can introduce them to his famous, rich brother.
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Yeah, in a time span of 5 seconds I find myself wavering between thinking Luke is smoookkking hot to thinking he's got a really weird, goofy-looking face. I struggle with this insanity constantly. However, I will say with confidence he's gotta be the best kisser on this show in forever. I mean, maaaaan. /fanning self

I third the theory of him being next Bachelor. In fact, I hope we're correct because I really can't stand the thought of any of the others.

Chase... meh. I mean.. meh. I guess he's okay, but he seems like such an emotional toddler. I can't imagine trying to navigate a relationship with someone who is so out of touch in communicating feelings. He is trying, and he's a good guy and he's opening up, and I think he's learning a lot through this process. But.. meh.

And I have to say, I think I would be as nosy as JoJo about the whole Aaron thing. I don't read her curiosity as wanting to know, meet, date or even be seen with Aaron. I don't think she gives a shit about Aaron other than trying to understand this family rift. She is head over heels for Jordan and she realizes this is something huge in his life that he struggles with, and her wanting to understand it and get the full story is completely normal. Maybe everyone thinks she's being too pushy, but I don't see it.
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Haha, good point. The more I think about it, the more it's an editing thing. She was with these people for hours, but they edited the dialog to make it look like every single word she said was about Aaron. They probably had a nice, normal conversation.
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So I wonder, if JoJo does go through with her desire to send Luke home and he ends up in 4th place, would the producers pick him to be the next Bachelor? I can't remember the loser standing of the previous Bachelors/Bachelorettes, have they chosen ones before that didn't end up as runner up or 2nd runner up?
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JoJo was second on Ben H's season.
Ben H was third on Kaitlyn's season.
Kaitlyn was third on Chris aka Prince Farming's season.
Chris was third on Andi's season.
Andi was third on Juan Pablo's season.
Juan Pablo tied for sixth on Desiree's season.
Desiree was fourth on Sean's season.
Sean was third on Emily's season.
Emily did not appear on Ben F's season - she had won the previous season (Brad).
And that's as far back as I go with the show.

Third place generally has the inside track, but fourth place finishers have had luck.
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My partner and I are real bullish on Luke to take the #1 spot – sounds like we are in the minority here! This is my first season (but she's a bit more experienced).
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