ars PARADOXICA: 03: Trinity, Act I
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The team takes a break.
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(I hope metaBugs doesn't mind the assist.)
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While I continue to have plausibility complaints (neither their decision to go to Vegas while on a time crunch nor the way they snuck Grissom out rang true), they continue to have some nice moments. The card counting was great, and I enjoyed her meeting another physicist from Los Alamos.
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The creators of this podcast did a separate 9-episode podcast called Timelapse where they spend each episode talking about a time travel movie, including Predestination and Primer. It's made me enjoy this one even more, since it's given me some confidence that they're actually plotting things out carefully in advance with a logically self-consist structure and set of time travel rules in mind, even if it's not evident at first.
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Thanks for posting this DirtyOldTown ; I had a crazy few days, and this fell off my to-do list.
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