ars PARADOXICA: 03: Trinity, Act II
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"I am Time grown weary to destroy the world, embarked on a course of world annihilation."
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This felt like a fairly slow-moving one to me, but I think it worked nicely as the second half of a two part-er. After a nice break last ep, with some banter and fun antics, it settles back down a bit.

The solution to "how do we demonstrate a time machine?" was... interesting, I guess? Very anticlimactic, which I suppose was the point. I'm still not sure what I think about it. But their model of time travel seems to be that you've either already observed the thing arriving from the future or it's just never going to happen... so more like spawning a new reality where the thing has appeared, than actually changing their own pasts? Which raises weird questions about that point of actually doing anything, unless you really care about all those alternate versions of you. Why not just sip your drink and wait for stuff from the future to just turn up from other timelines or not? Odd.

I did enjoy the scenes out in the desert; the story of the promise wine was cute, and the fallout in the morning seemed believable, if a bit unfair.
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