Steven Universe: Restaurant Wars
July 25, 2016 6:46 PM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

When Steven dares to order off-menu from Beach Citywalk Fries, he unwittingly rekindles a feud between them and Fish Stew Pizza.
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This was light, a nothing episode, Steven demonstrates no powers old or new, nothing about the nature of gems is revealed, there was nothing of ancient war, neither Peridot, Lapis or Jasper showed up, there was no monster and there was no threat from homeworld.

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Yeah, JHarris, don't forget the one incredible plot development of this episode: Ronaldo has a love interest! And in true Anime fashion a silly misunderstanding has long-lasting effects on their chances for love!
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I dunno, this episode is kindling my faith that the crewniverse is going somewhere with Steven's repeated meddling that turns out to damage relationships. There's some recent stuff that would be hard to take if he doesn't end up with a realization or two, and with the 11-minute format they've left stuff like that floating in the past and understandably so, but I really hope there's something more coming with all these Beach City slice-of-life episodes.
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Yeah, tbh I'm not really feeling the last few eps. Drop Beat Dad was fantastic but then it feels like it's gone downhill.
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Hearing stuff like that saddens me, because I really liked several of those episodes. I guess you really can't please everyone.
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The past few episodes would probably have people drifting away from the show if they were released week to week (a.k.a. a normal, sane schedule because the episodes have been ready since last year), but I'm still opposed to the way Cartoon Network releases them in bombs or this nightly Summer of Steven thing.
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Uh-oh. Keep Beach City Weird has updated. It's... ominous.
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(Oh blargh I got my episodes mixed up. Mr. Greg was the one I was thinking of re "fantastic" and any Peridot episode is <3 but everything else? urggghhh whyyyy)
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Steven Universe is a Cartoon Network show, which, by and large, does not commission programs that only last a finite number of episodes with an overarching plot resolved by the series finale. They commission programs that can last as long as the executives don't cancel them, and then release them whenever they damn well please. This makes active viewership a challenge and probably imposes artistic limitations too. No one at any network really values animation as a vehicle for Serious Television, so this is to be expected. Cartoon Network/Adult Swim come the closest, but only intermittently and halfheartedly.

There are maybe three animated television series in the US that garner any respect from the networks - The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park. Everything else is at the mercy of indifferent schedulers.
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Steven Universe is multiple things. I really think it is strongest for having both the magic alien adventure stuff and slice-of-life stuff: the former gives it wonder and energy, the latter gives it humor and weight and prevents it from, to use vernacular, getting its head stuck up its butt. Like Greg and Rose, they have learned how to exist together--that's fusion. It's nice to have these episodes to flesh out characters, space out the dramabombs, and ultimately prevent every episode from being a massive heartwringer.

If you're upset with the silly and sweet slice-of-life episodes I adore, you don't have much longer to wait. MARK MY WORDS. I have ingested a fair number of the spoilers for upcoming episodes, and I tell you, oh ye of little faith in the Crewniverse, there are some huge developments coming. They'll be coming in, oh, about two episodes.

TWO EPISODES FROM NOW. Check Wikipedia's list of episodes, which includes upcoming, if you don't believe me. (Spoiler episode titles.)

On a lighter note, here are Crewniverse-drawn panels from a Steven Universe zine they distributed at SDCC!
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Small Dollar: The SU crew have mentioned at SDCC that they have a very clear timeline for the events of the show (before, during, after) and there actually is a resolution.
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I've watched Mr. Greg about five times now, I spent pretty much all of yesterday with its songs stuck in my head, and it's definitely the highlight of the block so far, but I don't think I'd be able to take it if every episode had that level of emotional intensity.
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Oh don't get me wrong, I've actually always loved the Humans of Beach City episodes and with all the epic plot of Peridot's redemption and the Cluster and Malachite recently I'm glad for this stretch. It's just that, well, A Whole new Lars was especially cringy and I feel like Steven has a lesson coming about being so manipulative, even if well-intentioned.
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I usually dislike slice-of-life Beach City episodes, but I loved "Restaurant Wars" and "A Whole New Lars" because they were funny af. Still amused-at-a-distance by "Buck is not pleased." and Ronaldo attempting to wheelie after his love, only to fall on his face.

Also, I loved Pearl's outfit in this episode. (drew some fanart!)
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"There's already a line!"
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