BoJack Horseman: That's Too Much, Man!
August 2, 2016 1:49 AM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Bojack gets Sarah Lynn to break her sobriety to help drown his depression, and experiences the next few months through blackouts.
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That's... too much. Man...
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"I want to be an architect."

*cry emojis x 100*
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Maybe I imagined it, but I swear that in a previous ep this season Sarah Lynn indicates to Bojack that she plans on getting mad high after about 9 months of sobriety, to which he replies something like "no, don't do that, stay sober."

Then, co-incidentally, after 9 months on the dot, this episode takes place. So I wonder if it's a little bit much to put this whole thing on Bojack exclusively.
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Some Loser, yes, Sara Lynn initially says to Bojack that she's sober because when you take drugs after sobriety it's like the first time.

It is too much to put this ALL on Bojack. Sara Lynn's house is literally MADE OF DRUGS. When Bojack calls, she immediately caves with relief and reveals the fully stocked bar behind the calendar. So no, it's not all Bojack's fault. She certainly could have refused his offer. She certainly could have emptied her house of temptation so it wasn't so accessible. All of this indicates that relapse was pretty much a given.

HOWEVER, Bojack knew Sara Lynn was sober and called her anyway so he's not entirely blameless either.

That ending, though, with Neil Degrasse Tyson narrating and the reveal after the previous fake out. Her missing her Oscar because she forgot she was nominated for one. The overwhelming sadness of that moment. Talking about the glitz of the Oscars juxtaposed against that disgusting motel room. It was just so well done and sad. I admit I cried.
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That's a fair assessment I think. It was a very poignant ending no doubt.
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Man, drywall is no fucking joke. Don't do it, kids!
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Sara Lynn getting up in the morning and having half a dozen paparazzi pop out of the tree and interrupt her was a funny sight gag, but also very depressing. Throughout the episode you get some ideas about what she might have been if the Hollywoo machine operated differently, but it doesn't.
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The moment she found that bag of Bojack in the car, I knew she was going to die. Bojack kills....
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Easy way to tell the difference between drywall and rock: drywall doesn't melt.
Easy way to tell the difference between drywall and soft (powder): drywall has no flavour.

The more you know!
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And the worst part is that Kristen Schaal will be back to play her in flashback episodes. Drag.
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After Escape From LA last season, I had kinda assumed Bojack hit rock bottom and subsequent seasons would either just be ridiculous anti-social hijinx a la Always Sunny or treading water before redemption ... But no... Andy Dicking Sara Lynn is somehow worse and a new low (assuming Sara Lynn is dead and stays read, purposefully giving my self a couple days break).

Also, Andy-Dick needs to become a verb signifying enabling someone to their own death.
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Holy crap, I just realized that the painting above Sarah Lynn's bed at the beginning of this episode is Ophelia. This show.
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Well huh, there's an episode title that seems a bit more meaningful in retrospect
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Come to think of it, I can't help but wonder if Sarah-Lynn's catchphrase was deliberately intended to ultimately lead to this — were the creators playing the long game, or did they just happen to pick a generically '90s-sounding catchphrase that worked?
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