Dark Matter: We Should Have Seen This Coming
August 6, 2016 7:09 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Strapped for cash, the crew follows Nyx's lead on a mission, only to find out the target is personal.
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Not quite as good as the "android go wild" episode but getting better, although loss of memory seems to increase naivete, ok kids lets just trust this new criminal.
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I'm really feeling at this point the first season didn't have to happen. We could have (pretty much) just jumped into this point in the story line with group of criminals who don't really trust each other, but who still have to work together and been almost exactly where we are.
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Did this show have more oomph in the first season? I wish the pacing was quicker, the dialog had more pizzazz - something. They need an injection of fun romp to lighten up all the suspicious moping.
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Not a great episode, but
Pontypool's Bruce McDonald directed.
Hansmeed reminded me a little of Donald Pleasance.
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I liked one scene in this one: When Two finds the Android in normal Android clothes acting robotic and wonders "Hey, I thought you had a magic upgrade that made you act human." And the Android says yeah, but while I'm on the ship I just want to be myself.

Nice inversion of the Pinocchio / Data trope of androids desperately wanting to be "real".

That guy REALLY did look like Donald Pleasance, though.
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