Dark Matter: She's One of Them Now
August 13, 2016 9:55 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The crew goes after Alicia Reynaud looking for answers.
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Also the "Nyx does emotional labor" episode. Two would never do emotional labor. If Three and Android do not hook up by the end of the season I will be crushed.
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When the show premiered I was pretty "meh" about Zoie Palmer's performance, but now I think she's really doing amazing work. The way she uses her eyes is fantastic. I liked that she was the one to reach out to Nyx, and I loved how she approached Calchek after he wondered why someone would upgrade her.

I love watching Inga Cadranel. She was great in both Lost Girl and Orphan Black. I hope she gets some episodes with more screen time where she gets to chew up some scenery. And then they should cast her on Killjoys when her storyline concludes on Dark Matter.

I thought Junkie Doctor's monologue came out of nowhere, and in that scene I imagined an announcer saying "On an all new Dark Matter: Nyx is conscripted into Emotional Labor!"

Not much idiot-ball in this one. It feels like the show is finally achieving some consistency and not relying as heavily on the characters being foolish as in season 1. They've strung together several solid episodes in a row.

I think we should start an online petition to bring back Space Ross.
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"Hmmm... snug"

So why was it the android making this fashion statement?
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Because of her new chip ?
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I kind of thought the Doc would replace Space Ross as the more sentimental type of male character. Granted, while he looks like he's dead, until he's found and declared dead, then anything can happen.

I've been kind of disappointed with Nyx's character, but I think it has to do with the lines they're giving the actress. At times, from the moment we first met her, up through the convo with the Doc in this episode, that the actress struggles with some of the things she has to say. I don't know if the writers aren't quite sure who the character is, so the result are lines that seemed crammed into her speech or something else. I don't know, but I want to like Nyx, it's just difficult. Given her brother's death and the Psychic Bad Guys continual presence, I'm guessing she leaves after taking them down or leaves by killing herself in the course of killing them.

Android is definitely showing more personality. She wasn't even wearing her usual android clothes.

Also, implications of Five feeling the pain in her shoulder? Was she just commenting on it being absent or was she complaining it still existed? They made a huge fuss over her shoulder pain, which felt like a sign post or something.
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Seemed like Five was pleased that the pain was instantly gone. It does seem like Five is pretty cold blooded about shooting folks (even in this case clones) when she is not on view of the rest of the crew. I've been expecting some "scary" backstory to come out about that character, something like dangerous superspy.

This series is an example of a production that would benefit from network frequency with more episodes. The overriding arc story of the series is pretty light (super speed mcguffin) but the smaller stories like the Android acting human are great fun. A bunch of personal interactions, "who knows what will appear from your past at the bend in the corridor?" would make for fun compelling storytelling.
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It does seem like Five is pretty cold blooded about shooting folks (even in this case clones) when she is not on view of the rest of the crew.

Consistent with how cavalier she was about ordering the android to murder a room full of people. I like it as a characterization. She doesn't want to hurt anyone until she's sure they're going to harm her/her friends but at that point she's completely okay with it. It's not an aversion to violence/death, it's an aversion to doing it unnecessarily.

Is that the rest of the crew's influence on her? Her influence on them? In the same episode we had Two say they didn't want to kill anyone if they could help it.
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