Killjoys: I Love Lucy
August 6, 2016 7:08 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Dutch's search for the green plasma puts the team on the radar of an eccentric galactic collector.
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The last scene was gorgeous. I'm sort of hoping that she doesn't turn out to be a Level 6 plant because if it's an STI and he can't sleep with anyone without making them dissolve into green goo, that's both terrifyingly sad and hilarious.
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Also, Lucy the redheaded fembot is acted by the voice actress for Lucy! There's an interview with her about the episode here with lots of fun details.
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I wondered if the the body actor was Lucy's voice actor.

We watched the previous episode and this one back-to-back, and I really thought it was a solidly entertaining couple hours of TV. I think they're mostly finding a good balance between MotW and arc plotting.

The scene where Dutch was singing and Romwell was playing the zither was amazing. I expected the... um... climax of that scene to be part of the fantasy she was spinning, but no, she really did it. Hannah John-Kamen really hit it out of the park. The way that plotline played out later was clever and creative and it opened characters to new possibilities instead of making them one-note devices. Romwell's walk-off line was excellent.

I loved the scene where Lucy wants a kiss. Perfectly played. I also liked how D'Avin's idea for a projectile weapon worked as expected, but he wasn't able to control it. In general I really like how Luke Macfarlane's playing D'Avin since the character's been permitted to loosen up a bit.

Overall, it feels like the makers of this show are telling stories they're excited to tell. That is something sadly lacking in a lot of TV. Maybe having low budgets liberates them from too much network meddling.
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This was a much more compelling episode. It felt like not only was there a reason for things to have happened (as opposed to just a fill-in MoTW) but there was a compelling narrative behind the stories. Maybe we're back on track again.

And as sad as it is, I pretty much assumed the actress playing robotic Lucy was Lucy's voice actress, mainly because she was older than the typical actress hired to play androids. Because, as we all know, female robots must be young and sexy.
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I enjoyed this a lot, as I have most of the season. I particularly appreciated the scarback revelation - that fits very neatly with the Big Plot, and suggests the showrunners were seeding ideas right from the start.

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soooo, did he just blast her too full of green spooge?
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I'm hoping it's not a scenario where D'Avin has to roger all the Level 6's to death.
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oh I'm hoping it is
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It sounds like a leftover Lost Girl plot, appropriately enough.
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