Sausage Party (2016)
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A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence.

Seth Rogen's R-rated cartoon masterpiece finally sees the light of day! It's decently reviewed, and has a surprising amount of heart for a flick about swearing, rutting, drug-addled consumer products.
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Sausages are full of heart. And most other unwanted organs.
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Wait, that's the actual joke in the movie, isn't it? Oops.
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The sex and nudity section of this review from a Christian movie review website kills me.
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I wonder if the writer of that section had to take a cold shower and sing a few hymns after chronicling that litany of simulated depravity.
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(seemingly oral, vaginal and anal, although the food items have no genitals)
I'm glad that's cleared up.

(that said, the movie seems a lot better than the early previews suggested, although worse would be a bigger accomplishment)
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The more that I think about it, the more I see parallels to Foodfight!. Most obviously the premise of "what if consumer products had consciousness", but also the different aisles as ethnic neighborhoods, the general raunchiness (surprisingly more wholesome in Sausage Party because most of it is consensual), the separated lovers, the lusty Latina character, humans as grotesques, the Nazis, the song about their purpose ("The Great Beyond" and the USDA anthem), the effete gay mentor (Twinkie and Vlad Chocool), the drugs (bath salts and Brand X elixir), the climactic battle including a human controlled by a product, and finally the hero revealed as Jewish at the end. Some of it's coincidental and even obvious when you start with the premise, but some of it is way too close for that.

I'm not really a "raunchy R-rated weed comedy" guy, but I enjoyed it. Maybe I would have liked it more if I stayed away from spoilers, but I did have some chuckles at points of dramatic irony. Part of my motivation was definitely to encourage commercial production of widely released theatrical animation aimed at adult audiences, and with this beating Suicide Squad on Friday box office estimates it seems like more wheels might start turning in that direction.
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I wonder if the writer of that section had to take a cold shower and sing a few hymns after chronicling that litany of simulated depravity.

The review is a straight forward, unbiased blow by blow recount of the scenes. You, however, clearly missed out on the moral of the movie.


I was expecting a brainless, drug fueled trip. There was plenty of that, but there was a surprising amount of clever humour hidden in the brashness. I'm not sure that's what people were there for, as only one or two other people in the mostly filled theatre were laughing at those parts. They also threw in a handful of self aware bad puns with everything but a wink and a nod at the camera.

I loved the "okay so!"
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I liked how the film really grappled with the Gnostic messages of the Pixar-Disney films about the secret lives of seemingly inanimate and nonsentient beings.
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So was it as horribly sexist and gross about women (or rather, walking vagina-buns with boob lumps) as it appears? Because it looks super gross, and not in the haha fart jokes way, but the same old boring sexist BS way.
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All of the promo stuff I've seen makes this look incredibly crass.
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The Wikipedia plot summary reads like somebody had a fever dream about having a fever dream, Inception style.
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The sex and nudity section of this review from a Christian movie review website kills me.

What's absolutely fascinating about that is the caveat at the bottom of the page:
" We've gone through several editorial changes since we started covering films in 1992 and some of our early standards were not as stringent as they are now. We therefore need to revisit many older reviews, especially those written prior to 1998 or so; please keep this in mind if you're consulting a review from that period. While we plan to revisit and correct older reviews our resources are limited and it is a slow, time-consuming process."

They've gotten MORE STRINGENT since 1992? Wow.
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I instinctually knew this movie was going to be a dumpster fire the moment I saw the first trailer, so when I saw it getting positive reviews I was pretty confused.

Then I saw this story about the animators of the movie and found the vindication I knew was out there. Some of the animators speak out in the comments too.
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The movie is about as crass, offensive, as dumb as an episode of South Park. There's nothing particularly transgressive or moronic about the movie, except the visuals are in 3D.
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I just wish that the douche was mean because no one wanted to use it.
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The sex and nudity section of this review from a Christian movie review website kills me.

I actually knew some of the previous editors and writers for that site (which, actually, is not a Christian site, just one for parents), and it was a trip watching a movie with them. I remember well all the swearing at the start of Four Weddings and a Funeral because my friend had to count all the fucks uttered in that scene, as well as mark them down in her little reviewer's notebook.

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Hey, someone had to know if any fucks were given, and how many.
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I have now seen this movie, and it goes to every inappropriate place. My greatest complaint is that it actually swears more than it needs to.

A few scenes are brilliant – the first kitchen bit, the stoner's drug trip and the final food, uh, bacchanal are amazing.
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So was it as horribly sexist and gross about women (or rather, walking vagina-buns with boob lumps) as it appears?

Anyone who's seen it want to answer this?
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"So was it as horribly sexist and gross about women (or rather, walking vagina-buns with boob lumps) as it appears?"

...vagina buns? It's a hot dog bun with, yeah, a few small curves, but the vagina part? Yeah, ofcourse it looks like a vulva since it has a slit down the middle. And the hot dogs are basically walking penises. That's the joke. Hotdog in the hotdog bun. Not sure how pointing out the sexual similarity between hotdogs and buns as compared to penises and vaginas is sexist and gross.
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I'm guessing the question goes deeper than the vaginal slit in the bun. Just off the top of my head: how many female characters have lines? Are they at all integral to the plot? Do they have any agency? Are they the typical passive objects of desire for the sausagefest men, or is there more to their characters than that?

That kind of thing. Honestly, I'm pretty much the target audience for adult-aimed theatrical animation releases, but the thought of sitting through yet another Rogen-penned take on the battle of the sexes (read: men men men men oh yeah a woman men men men) is enough to keep me out of the the theater on this one until I hear it actually has female characters that get significant screentime and are at least as present as the male characters.

So, again, anyone: does it?
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The female characters have agency and the Bechdel test is passed. The film skewers douchey men with Nick Kroll's character. The sexuality and sexual desire, insofar possible with talking food, is directed in multiple directions in this picture.
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That's helpful, thanks.
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We walked out after only 10 or 15 minutes. I am not exactly a prude, but holy shit was that a misogynistic, racist pile of drivel disguised as something funny.
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The mildly positive reviews are a trap: I saw this last week and it was fucking awful. I was with friends and I really wanted it to be funny, but despite all my goodwill, the best it got was a chuckle maybe twice - which in 90 minutes is a desert.

Like so much of Rogen's schtick, it thinks it's waaaaaaay funnier and more clever and transgressive than it is. It's packed full of stupid stereotypes and it's like Rogen and Goldberg want a fucking cookie or something for recognising them, whilst also attempting to mine them for humour.

The wide-eyed naughtiness about swearing, taking drugs and having sex is so aggressively adolescent, it makes Something About Mary look like Andrei Rublev. Indeed, I actually think the Farrelly's are a lesson. Fart jokes etc are funny, I love fart jokes. Fart jokes where everyone is like "Look, look I did a fart joke! It was a really big one!" are not, at all. The swearing is just paissez, the sex stuff even more so. The racial stereotypes are just awful. Awful. A major plot point revolves around an Arab Lavash and a Jewish bagel, and - having now seen the film - I can't believe some reviewers were like, "Hey yeah, they are making a real point, there." Only the most facile, privileged, dead shit point. This is not exactly Dr Strangelove.

I was so bummed cause I really wanted to see Kubo and the Two Strings or Bad Moms, but I couldn't talk my friends into it.
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