Foodfight! (2012)
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Of this masterpiece of product placement, the AV Club says "the grotesque ugliness of the animation alone would be a deal-breaker even if the film weren’t also glaringly inappropriate in its sexuality, nightmare-inducing in its animation, and filled with Nazi overtones and iconography even more egregiously unfit for children than the script’s wall-to-wall gauntlet of crude double entendres and weird intimations of interspecies sex. "Thanks" to hellojed for his FPP informing me of the existence of this monstrosity.
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I finally saw this last night, and well, it's delightfully terrible. All of the things I knew about it going in still didn't prepare me for the full impact of the movie's most egregious sins, like the catgirl upskirts, shiny penisweasel, and that ungodly jittering Brand X rep. Five stars. Truly a must-see.

My pick for 'best performance' was definitely the green Nazi. He really had charisma.
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What has happened is - now you all have to turn your brains around - the greatest work of art there has ever been. That minds could achieve Foodfight!, which we in music cannot even dream of, that people annimate like crazy for several years, totally fanatically for one movie even after the hard drives are wiped, and then the company dies. This is the greatest possible work of art in the entire cosmos. Imagine what happened there. There are people who are so concentrated on one performance, and then Cheazel T. Weasel is chased into the global consciousness, in one moment. This I could not do. Compared to this, we are nothing as composers... Imagine this, that I could create a work of art now and you all were not only surprised, but you would fall down immediately, you would be dead and you would be reborn, because it is simply too insane. Some artists also try to cross the boundaries of what could ever be possible or imagined, to wake us up, to open another world for us.
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More seriously, Foodfight! is almost awe-inspiring in its total and utter badness. It's like being trapped in the small intestine of a dollar store, and then it takes 90 minutes to be shat out.

The worst for me is how they animate Christopher Lloyd's character. No - maybe Hilary Duff's character. Ungh. I don't know. It's all fucking awful.

Worth seeing, though.
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The movie is fractally bad. There is no scale or angle at which Food Fight can be examined that it is not bad.
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I have now seen this movie upwards of 20 times. I can't reliably check right now, but it's possible that the 24-hour infinite Livestream is still going.

There is a lot of honest repulsiveness on display here, but one thing I think should be understood as not the moviemakers' "fault," or at least not directly so, is how unfinished it is in places. After an eternity in production, during which, it's said, a substantial portion of it was literally stolen on its hard drives, the movie was foreclosed on by its creditors and a workprint finally pushed into theaters, in the UK, for a very short stint then released on DVD. Presumably, had it been finished to the producers' expectations, some of the more laughable things like the flat texture of a watermelon used as a ball in a few places, or the goopy metaballs used to represent smushed food, or some of the more ridiculous bits of character animation, would have been fixed.

I have no explanation, however, for the cooch jets, except that I heard somewhere that the director has that kind of sense of humor.
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And actually Stitcherbeast, Christopher Lloyd's character is one of the few things about the movie I unapologetically love. Obviously the animators were asked to create a walking seizure, and by golly they delivered.
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The Food Fight Livestream is indeed still going, and damn you for polluting my monitor with a few dozen frames of it. ;)
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The episode of The Flop House podcast where they discuss this movie is one of the funniest podcast episodes I've ever heard.
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Well, some of it is more bad than other parts. The actual "Food Fight" is the worst part, because it's just boring. The metaballs are atrocious, but it drags on and on and on and nothing that happens is remotely interesting.
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Oh. My god. The livestream, it lives. This post is an abomination against all that is holy!
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Well, I'm back in the Livestream. This is like the third time I've escaped that place, and gone back.
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Good news, everyone! Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s Universal 1440 division announced that they’ve signed a first-look agreement with Foodfight! producer Threshold Animation Studios to create more direct-to-video CGI films “based on highly celebrated family brands.”

The average child or adult animation fan with an untrained eye might look at the animated feature Foodfight! and think to themself, “That’s not the greatest animated film I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” That’s precisely why the average child or adult animation fan with an untrained eye doesn’t work in a movie studio.

I've only seen a few minutes of Foodfight! via the Livestream but still: LOLOLOL.
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I'm watching this and I just want you all to know that I hate everything so much right now.
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Ew. Shiny Penisweasle is absolutely Trevor the Rat from Meet The Feebles.
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One of my coworkers had his first job in animation on this movie, so he had no idea what to expect, but still knew it was a really weird job. He doesn't like to talk about it.
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I watched this again with someone who did not believe it could be as bad as I said it was. He had the most pained, horrified look on his face for the first half of the movie. At some point that was replaced with a blank look of acceptance. It was then I knew his soul had died.

I hate animation.

everything I believed in is a lie

I have no choice but to turn to a life of crime.
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Alas, the Livestream is defunct now. There are still ways to see it though. I encourage you to seek them out.
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There are still ways to see it though. I encourage you to seek them out.

You are a terrible person.
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