My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 316: Smart Stuff
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Hey, look who's at the door! The back door, I mean. It's Island Boy, and he's very, very lost. Oops! Now we have to take care of Island Boy, because I'm pretty sure he'll perish out in the real world. Suggested Talking Points: Island Boy Rises, Deep Sea 'Corns, Barber Barber Barber, Burke Plimpton, Gimme the Hippo, Please and Thank Yous, Justin's New Podcast, Return to the Zoo
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Here I was thinking I could catch up on sadly-neglected other podcasts tomorrow and hit up the new MBMBaM later this week, but that's just not gonna happen if Island Boy is back. Sorry, other podcasts, you're going to the back of the line again!
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My Fair Lady was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
These are some Grade A goofs.

I don't think I've heard those McElroy boys plug Doc Curmudgeon yet. Clint reviews comics and I don't even know what this is.
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What did you do, Nate?!

Also, be sure to listen to the latest 99% Invisible (starts around the 15 minute mark) for a special surprise.
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I had a feeling that 99 percent invisible thing was coming, as I saw a Tweet from Roman Mars a short while ago that said "Stand back, everyone. I'm listening to @MBMBaM now. No spoilers." He then complained that the McElroys had added several hours production time to his workday.
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I thought this was a particularly hilarious episode.
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I was trying to lift weights during the Burke Plimpton goof. It did not go well.
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Island Boy and the return of the jelly deterrent? Yeah, this was definitely a great episode.

I was trying to catch Pokémon during Burke Plimpton, and I was not very successful.
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Tweeny Sodd, the savior of the Fleet Street Teen Rec Center.
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From the MBMBaM subreddit, the best thing.
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