Dark Matter: Stuff to Steal, People to Kill
August 20, 2016 7:44 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

It's time for sci-fi cliché number 12 (or whatever) as an accident with new technology zaps the Raza into an alternate universe. Some crew members get to meet their doubles and some encounter other familiar faces.
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Is it just me or have the graphics that depict the starscape outside of the windows in the Raza's main command area always looked so bad and cheap? And is anybody willing to give me odds that it was somebody other than Corso who came back in the Marauder? Thought not.
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Maybe y'all got your wishes and Space Ross is back.

Anyway, they ended up with the Better Raza, so it's all good in the end.
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Anyway, they ended up with the Better Raza

I think they just stole the jumpdrive and took it back to their Raza and installed it. Otherwise they'd be counting on the alternate universe Raza having all their stuff on board (which for, say, Four, it probably wouldn't).

Maybe y'all got your wishes and Space Ross is back.

I do wish for this, but mostly because we don't know anything about alternate-universe Space Ross. Is it (that universe's?) Jace Corso? Or is it that universe's Space Ross, but who had enough shit happen to him so he's perfectly comfortable firing off nukes at a mining colony? In which case, what happened to the guy? Seriously, I have so many questions about that dude. The other people were all behaving pretty much as you might expect, but him not so much.

OTOH, if it's not Space Ross, it sets up a nice mystery for them. The fact that there could now be a bad version of any one of them (or none of them) out there in the universe sort of parallels the "any one of us could be the traitor" mystery that helped keep the tension high all first season.
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