Killjoys: Full Metal Monk
August 20, 2016 8:36 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Johnny and Pawter head to Old Town while Dutch, D'Avin and Alvis go to Arkyn.
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Potter is so dead. Unless that is somehow a trope they will subvert, but Johnny the black widow boyfriend continues. I do like the happy pain-indifferent drones plan of the company though, very corporate.
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Actually I was expecting her to have died before the end of the episode. I mean a line came out of her mouth something to the effect of "I could die happy" and I thought, 'well, she just signed her death warrant.' Here's hoping the writers surprise us both.
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This is a Michelle Lovretta show, so I have some hope that Pawter doesn't die.
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Care to offer insight into what that means and why you think that? Looking at her IMDB profile the only shows she's done I'm familiar with are Mutant X (that was really, really bad) and Relic Hunter (also not very good, but better than the former). I know Lost Girl gets a lot of MeFi love but I've never seen it.
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It's mainly because of Lost Girl, but also because of various interviews she's given. I can't find the exact one I read earlier this year, but it boiled down to the fact that she likes tropes but that she wants to make them kinder to women.
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TV Junkies interview - KILLJOYS: MICHELLE LOVRETTA TALKS “FULL METAL MONK” - plus hints for the remaining 2 episodes of the season.

(Oof, just realized that the finale will be airing the Friday night I'm at DragonCon. Better get my logins sorted out for my cable services mobile apps so I can watch it on my phone at con and not get spoiled)
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There are only two more episodes? It feels like the season just got started. I hate these short seasons.

This might come off as bitchy, but I'm going to say it anyways as it's not meant that way at all: It's nice to see a leading lady with less than perfect skin. Seriously. It makes her seem more human and less of a TV/movie construct.
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Potter is so dead. Unless that is somehow a trope they will subvert, but Johnny the black widow boyfriend continues.

I was actually relieved when she was framed for the murder of the other member of the Nine, precisely because having her be a super-powerful political figure couldn't last and I was pretty sure it meant she was doomed. If she goes back to being disgraced and disowned I have more hope that it means they'll keep her around.
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