The Adventure Zone: Ep. 47. The Eleventh Hour - Chapter Seven
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With a fairly rowdy loop behind them, our heroes come face-to-face with divinity, and try their darndest not to make complete asses of themselves. With the Big Clock winding down and their prize in sight, can Tres Horny Boys save the day -- or, at least, one of the days? Merle goes deity shopping. Magnus takes a Chance. Taako lends a hand.
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Oh praise Pan I'm halfway through the previous episode after a 3 week newbie binge and was starting to get anxious about running out. Looks like I get an extra timeloop before having to face that reality.
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Alright, I'm officially nervous now as I can see Griffin winding up the whole story of the Bureau of Balance and our three heroes. When all 7 artifacts are together, they create something larger and extremely powerful? Yeah, they're not being destroyed.

This arc has to be one of my favorites purely for style and story and not just for the goofs. Initially I was a little disappointed by the western theme of Refuge, but it's been really good. Also, Taako's giggling fit over showing Isaac his plastic sheriff badge was fantastic.
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I was thinking this would be the perfect time for Merle to cast zone of truth to help convince Isaac, but alas it was not to be.
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I wasn't expecting this series to end up being a legit fantasy epic, especially as it is so goofy, but it is a legit fantasy epic.
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