Killjoys: How to Kill Friends and Influence People
September 4, 2016 6:28 PM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Dutch's daddy issues get resolved. John meets an old friend. D'Avin and Fancy Dan flirt. Season finale.
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ANNNND renewed for Season Three. (Haven't seen it yet; so I'll leave to avoid spoilers, especially for a possible cliffhanger)
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I loved, loved, loved D'Avin and Fancy's banter. "You're a Six, not a ten" and the human shield part was just so good. I also had accepted they were going to have a Tragic Death scene (esp. after Pawter who deserved her scene) and try to get me to feel that Khylen cared about her beyond a tool for his plans and yet - they did. I think a big part of that was the earlier episode with the other long-lived man talking about time and relationships, and loneliness, and Khylen as a scientist originally who lost his daughter to madness he accidentally created and then found by accident a second chance - that felt emotionally plausible. That he felt something and it was precious to him because he could barely feel anything and yet he did feel, with the memory of what he once felt as a father and to somehow see his child again. I like the mystery that he can't explain her either being there, that her birth and harem-placement is a deliberate plan by another player in whatever the symbiote-invaders are doing - and that the quad is just a corner invasion in a galactic war of generations.

It's gorgeous. I love Killjoys so much, the banter, the acting beats they choose, the risks they take with the characters and the genre twists they play and the way the stories roll around. It's a gorgeous big swashbuckle of a show and I'm so looking forward to next season. PREE, BE THE WARLORD OF MY HEART FOREVER <3 <3 <3
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Glad it's coming back next season, even if I was a little underwhelmed by this particular episode.

I'm not sure I really buy the entire conspiracy. I had the impression that nobody really cared about Arkyn (or even went there) until the Killjoys started investing Sixes and green goo. So if the Nine really wanted to take over the moon and harvest the plasma, who would have cared to stop them? Ditto finding "volunteers" to turn into Sixes. That could have been done much more simply and quietly than it was. Essentially everything could have flown under the radar and never been noticed, even if Khylen decided he needed to take action to earn his redemption. Still, it was an interesting episode, and a neat way to wrap up the season without really leaving us hanging on the edge of a cliff.

It's been a pleasure watching this with fellow MeFites. I hope to see everybody back for Season Three.
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I'm liking the coming together of a plot.

Dunno, though. The show production feels - unsophisticated - the 'science' is complete gobbleygook and the fighter scenes from Babylon 5 and fighter acting are better than here, subject to a high res texture update.

But FSM do I love Canadian TV SciFi costuming. (looking at you Lost Girl)
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Any sensical reason why Fancy wasn't mind-wiped by the six procedure? It seemed like he knew exactly who he was, and was essentially himself prior to being "healed," through which he maintained continuity. This is different than Trish(??) who I guess did retain her memories but her personality changed after D'Avin's magic healing penis.

Khleyen(sp?!?!) said he stayed himself because of incomplete bonding due to being one of the first.

So, what's the deal with Fancy?
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Rick Howland! Nothing like getting to sit and nonchalantly drink tea while your minions get massacred. I hope we get an excuse to see him and his crazy bank (I can't help but think of the Shadow Depository from Farscape) again.

So, what's the deal with Fancy?

If I remember correctly, didn't Fancy get woken up prematurely by D'Avin? I'd chalk it up to that and/or tampering with the process by Khlyen, who might've been looking for a loyal henchman at that point rather than another Yet Another Mindwiped Six.

I did like that this episode gave us a subtle glimpse of Fancy's unshakeable faith in Khlyen. Fancy was completely sure Khlyen would have everything under control, right up until almost too late.
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Oh, and it was nice to see Clara brought back at the end, hopefully we'll get to see more of her in Season 3 (they've freed up some spots in the cast, it would seem).
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I went from never having heard of Killjoys a month ago to finally being caught up tonight and the season is over and I have to wait and no one I know is watching and I want to talk about it and I have feels and I don't know what to do next! I guess I'll mozy on over to the old FanFare threads.
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Well you'll have to make sure to join us for the Season Three discussions. We're not a big group, but we're welcoming.
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I surprised myself with how happy I was to see Rick Howland (never finished Lost Girl). I also lost track of the great banter.
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Thanks for posting that interview. I always loved the recaps Graham Yost did for Justified, and it looks like these are similar, so I hope they continue next year. If they do, please continue to post them (as I'm likely to forget about them by then).
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