Killjoys: Boondoggie
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Dutch and D'avin, with the help of an obnoxious black market dealer, are on the hunt for a weapon that will draw out the Hullen; Johnny receives an SOS from Clara, leading him into the underground world of Hackmods.
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Hope it's ok that I posted the thread, sardonyx, I was just so happy to have the show back, I needed someplace to squee about it.

From Lovretta's answer to the interviewer's question/comment about missing seeing Clara in the premiere, it sounds like maybe there were scheduling issues getting the actress back for regular/recurring? IMDB shows Leonidas in the "Snatch" series for Crackle in 2017. I liked Ollie and the new smuggler-dude fine though, and I'm loving the banter combo of Pree+Fancy+D'Avin.
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In case it wasn't clear, I really like Killjoys :-) This was a good start to the season.
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This was a great episode to kick things off, my only complaint with it was that it felt far too short. ;)
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I'm confused how the holo messages work because they appear to be interactive yet records. Are they limited ai?
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@dorothyisunderwood: Pretty sure it's non-interactive and she's just watched it a million times / pretends it's a conversation because she misses him so much
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oh yeah!
It's absolutely fine with me. As I said on one of the Dark Matter threads, I don't claim any right to posting these threads. If anything, I'm happy to have somebody else take the responsibility because I'm usually a day or two (or more) behind in my viewing.

I was surprised Johnny let himself get hacked. Is that something he's going to be able to (easily) reverse when it's time to go back to his former Killjoy life? I can't imagine the RAC allowing Hackmods work for them.

I'm not entirely sure that I'm thrilled that this season is going to be about war with the Hullen. I was kind of happy last season they poisoned the tree and wrote (a temporary) finis to that storyline, but I can understand why the creative team is keeping that plot going. It's the best way to ensure all of the minor characters (Pree and Fancy) have a reason to tag along with Dutch and D'Avin and to keep them going back to their RAC handler (whose name escapes me at the moment).
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I am in love with Dutch and her ever-changing hairstyle. From scene-to-scene. It is seriously one of the many quirky details that makes this show so much fun. This has distracted me from the full story of the mods.

You are (forcibly?) modded in a factory, the owners put you to work, people escape from them? But why is the factory possible if mods are like tats and can be done in the backroom of a bar and can be voluntary?
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That look with the crimped end and the straight bangs and the hat was fabulous. As long as I've been wearing hats and as much as I love hats, I can never get my hair to look good while wearing them. I was so envious of that look. Actually the entire ensemble with that fabulous coat was a complete winner.

The hairstyles are definitely a bonus in this show. As is Dutch's ever-changing makeup. I swear I spend as much time paying attention to the styling on this show as I do on the plot.
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If anything, I'm happy to have somebody else take the responsibility because I'm usually a day or two (or more) behind in my viewing.

Ok, I don't watch Dark Matter, but I can take over Killjoy postings.

I am in love with Dutch and her ever-changing hairstyle. From scene-to-scene.

Heh. Meanwhile, my mind is still reeling from the factoid I learned in this Wynonna Earp episode breakdown - that Kamen was in a Spice Girls musical on the West End once.
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Hah, my wife grumbled about Dutch's hair constantly changing. It's sci-fi! There's probably a hairbot back on Lucy. I don't know what it is, the 150% manic gonzo balls-to-the-wall rush forward probably, but I'm willing to forgive Killjoys' convoluted plot where Dark Matter's just sort of leaves me scratching my head at times.

But yeah, the new cast just slip right in, no problems there. I'll still miss Pawter though.
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I never got around to watching season 2. Any reason I can't just start up here and do that later?
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You'd miss a lot of critical backstory and two core characters died but their deaths are referenced already. Its definitely not episodic. I've happily skipped episodes of Dark Matter without noticing, but Killyjoys would lose context.
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