Last Man on Earth: General Breast Theme With Cobras
September 25, 2016 10:08 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The Malibu gang confront the invading boat crew. Guns happen.

You know what the best way to say "We come in peace" is? To show up in giant encounter space suits waving your guns around! Suffice it to say that the boat gang--now consisting of three guys--apparently didn't mean to shoot anyone. But Melissa, let out of the pillory for shooting only to grab her gun and SHOOT JON HAMM, certainly did.

Anyway, after yet another weird funeral involving Gail's accordion and Todd's bad singing, and the new guys being all "Eh, we barely knew him anyway," we move on to taking on two new guys, Pat The Crazy Dude and Louis the tree arborist. Phil Tandy happily accepts both guys into the group and adopts Pat as his new friend, since he knows the pain of being socially awkward among people. He also encourages Pat's hobby of jean art (Carol perked up at that one), hence the title.

On the other hand, everyone else suspects Pat is crazy, and Louis privately confirms that Pat's already killed somebody to his knowledge.

All of this blows up when Pat (after having commiserated with Phil Tandy on the loss of Mikes) spots Phil's family photo with Mike in it, starts thinking they're all secret bunker people, and gets trigger happy. This, of course, leads to everyone hiding in the A-Team van and Todd running Pat over, as you do.

So, how many people here have killed someone, again?
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I nearly died when Betty killed Don Draper.
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I nearly died when Betty killed Don Draper.

That was brilliant and may be the best use of Jon Hamm ever.
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