Intruders: Time Has Come Today
September 11, 2014 7:36 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Jack returns home to find Amy in bed, but she doesn't seem to be herself. Meanwhile, young Madison continues her pilgrimage to Seattle.

I really like the mysterious vibe this show's got going. I only wish that BBC America hadn't decided to spoil the mystery by giving it away in the show description on the website - if you're new to the show, do NOT visit the BBC America page for it. (Maybe the mystery was obvious to everyone but me, but I found the first two episodes to be tantalizingly puzzling, until I read the spoiler.)
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I've enjoyed the episodes so far and was really excited when I saw the author of the book the show is based on is Michael Marshall Smith who wrote "To receive is better" a personal favorite horror short story.

I thought the basis of the show was obvious from the title and the ads, but then I watch a LOT of horror so I tend to be fairly genre savvy.
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I'm also glad someone finally posted for it. I was too timid fearing I was the only one watching.
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I tweeted this at BBC America last night, and Smith replied to me. Seems like he agrees with me a little. (And he's a nice guy, too, looks like he's fairly active interacting with fans.)

Also, one would think, given that it's got arguably the best lead-in spot on the whole network, that a ton of people would be watching this.
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Great, love this show so far. Thanks, jbickers.

So Shepherd planned to kill Madison but couldn't because of her/his youth? I guess he thought it would be easier (morally) to kill after rather than when she/he was still innocent?

I like John Sim's performances but ever since Doctor Who, I keep mentally typecasting him as The Master. James Frain is perfect in his role as Shepherd.

The little reveals are great. At first you feel for Sim thinking he's this great dude whose wife just left him without any notice. But then it turns out he's an alcoholic and is (possibly) abusive towards her. Why did she come back? Her firm is a front, right? So many questions.

"Didn't your parents ever teach you not to pick up hitchhikers? This is what you get." So cold. I knew that actress was doomed from the beginning but I was still sorry to see her go.
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I've been hoping for a Fanfare discussion of this show, though I have a horrible feeling it might not get past one season because I think viewers might not get readily engaged with the plot. Just because it takes a few episodes to get cooking. I think the lead is the little girl rather than Simm.
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It's certainly a very different take on the Nine Unknown Men than Heroes was, I'll give it that. Production & acting qualities are high plus I'm pretty sure I lived in one of the Seattle apartment buildings featured in episode 2. But boy is it slow to ramp up. I'm hanging in there but I'm not sure how much longer. Something better happen to really hook me in, cause it hasn't happened yet.
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The body language of the girl playing Madison is amazing. You can really see a different person inhabiting the body.
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