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A TV series centered around a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others.

Intruders: Bound  Season 1, Episode 6

Jack meets Rose. Richard meets with Rose. Rose meets someone old and new. . . [more inside]
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Intruders: The Shepherds and the Fox  Season 1, Episode 5

Madison-Fox and Richard continue their murderous ways. Gary reveals himself to Jack. Jack plays at being a peeping tom. [more inside]
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Intruders: Ave Verum Corpus   Season 1, Episode 4

Gary discovers more disturbing information about Amy while also investigating Bill Anderson's disappearance. Madison threatens one of Amy's associates. [more inside]
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Intruders: Time Has Come Today  Season 1, Episode 3

Jack returns home to find Amy in bed, but she doesn't seem to be herself. Meanwhile, young Madison continues her pilgrimage to Seattle. [more inside]
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