Intruders: Ave Verum Corpus
September 17, 2014 10:39 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Gary discovers more disturbing information about Amy while also investigating Bill Anderson's disappearance. Madison threatens one of Amy's associates.

So many things happened this episode. We finally discover why Bill Anderson was targeted, Gary gets threatened by Rose, Rose, in turn, puts pressure on Richard. Madison fights the influence of Marcus. (I give that actress major kudos.) Cranford seems to be a major hub of the mystery.
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The description of Joseph Cranfield as "self-made" made me laugh. He's part of a 300-yr old org worth billions. How is he self-made? Wasn't he "awakened" before he was an adult (though not as young as Maddy)?

Also, really funny, Jack just casually giving a white, homeless dude money in the midst of this convoluted info dump from Gary. It has nothing to do with the plot. I loved it.

That sound. The sound that Amy hears. I thought it might be a trigger for the "immortal" personality but that was the personality that was listening to the jazz documentary. Assuming Amy even has two people in there. Sometimes it just feels like it's the immortal who is conflicted, as any normal person would be when it is time to make a major life change.

Rose is Amy, right?

The detective is definitely dirty. He was obviously communicating with whoever was behind the two-way mirror. But I don't get the impression that storyline will be continued. How many eps in this series?

Madison's speech to Crane about his daughter was incredibly gross. I'm just going to edit that out of memory now. Her putting together little clues to figure out her mom's name and phone number was a nice bit of writing and acting.

I don't always buy her acting, though, because I haven't seen enough of Marcus-the-guy to see him come through. Plus he's a character actor that I've seen many times; the mannerisms don't fit. But it does work as generic male trapped in another body. (And the actress is a little young to be another Maslany.)

Does Richard's car remind anyone else of KITT? Every time he accelerates I expect a ramp to show up.

I know Bill had to die but Jack is a pretty bad cop in the last scene. Or at least his reflexes were for shit. The drinking?

I found the back story on Jack and the shooting that made him leave the force, not terribly compelling. I hope the writers don't spend too much time going back to it. The immortals. The ghost machine. The awakening. That's the hot stuff.
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