World Cup Qualifiers - How's Your Team Doing?
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I am going to make a World Cup Qualifiers post on Fanfare so we can talk about how our teams are doing during qualification. I tried to make it but an error occured, so am just waiting for that to be sorted; in the meantime, if anyone has any input into how they feel it should be structured, chime in. Also, we are allowed to discuss the qualifiers here until the post goes up.
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André Silva just scored an hat-trick. Time for a celebration.
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The mighty England managed a 2-0 win over footballing powerhouse Malta! All the talk has been of Wayne Rooney, and, fortunately, Southgate has dropped him for the next game. I was at work and only saw some of the first half, but this is a game we should have won by 4 or 5 or more goals.
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Well, at least they avoided hitting the scandal-slope after Big Sam's Forced Retirement Party. I almost expected England to drop two points in that game.

I wonder if Southgate will hold his position until the Euro 2020 qualifiers. Because... who wants that job?
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I was at work and it was fairly busy, but from what I saw and have read, we were as abysmal as ever and lucky to get nil. Joe Hart literally saved us from defeat. Will it ever get any better for England? I doubt it. Too much money, not enough going to development, not enough opportunities for young English players to make it through, no pathway from lower leagues to top level... the problems just go on and on. The only good news was that Scotland lost, and we play them in November, so hopefully a game we can finally win!
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We are discussing planning for World Cup 2018 in MetaTalk
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