World Cup 2018
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I propose the World Cup 2018 be run as a part of the MeFi Football Club

planning discussion on MetaTalk

Following some suggestions, I think we should use the Matchday system, with a separate thread for each Matchday, followed by a thread for the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and 3rd place, and final. Threads will go up at least one day in advance of the first game at each level.

Thread opening should hopefully include information on the teams involved, links to livestreaming, schedule information, commentary.
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Is every matchday a bit too much? I'm not expert on this at all, but it seems like that's a lot of Matchday threads. I'm just comparing to the Winter Olympics, where there was just really a big catch-all thread for most of it.
posted by nubs at 10:35 AM on June 11, 2018

nubs, "matchday" in this context doesn't refer to actual calendar days but rather to the 3 matchdays of the group round. E.g.: Matchday 1 is the first games of all teams in all groups. Matchday 2 the second games, etc. So there's only 3 matchdays total for the group round, each encompassing 16 games total (2 pairings per each of 8 groups).
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Aha! My lack of soccer knowledge exposed, I slink back into the shadows. (This makes a lot of sense)
posted by nubs at 5:52 PM on June 12, 2018

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