RuPaul's Drag Race: Queens Behind Bars   First Watch 
October 19, 2016 6:36 PM - Season 4, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The dolls go to jail when they star in a sitcom acting challenge, "Hot in Tuckaho," coached by "Will & Grace" co-creator Max Mutchnick.
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  • Madame LaQueer gets NO respect. Like, she's clearly not the best queen of the bunch, but HAS won some challenges, which is more than most of her competitors can say!
  • OK, but that British accent was well and truly terrible, my God. Kevin Costner move over. That shit was hilarious and not in a way that made LaQueer look good.
  • Oh and also, I could watch that "laugh like Lucille Ball!" thing on loop for HOURS without getting tired of it. Honey. No.
  • So wait, Willam, I don't think I got it. You said you were on TV at some point? It's just--I don't know, could you clarify that? You act? You were on TV?
  • Latrice Royale, reigning queen of gifs!
  • Also, JESUS IS A BISCUIT, LET HIM SOP YOU UP. I literally have that on a shirt, which I purchased from Latrice's online store after my wife showed me a clip from this episode *years* ago. I wear it to church sometimes. The older church ladies like it.
  • Phi Phi, man... I just finished All Stars 2, and everyone spent the series talking about how horrible Phi Phi was in her season AND HOLY LIVING FUCK, THEY WERE UNDERSELLING IT IF ANYTHING. ohhhhmygoddddddd.
  • Dida Ritz killed it on the runway tonight (as did RuPaul, for that matter). And I'll give it to Phi Phi, her look was on point.
  • Latrice was the OBVIOUS win here (SO GOOD!) but plus-size queens have to work twice as hard to get respect, so I was still worried she wouldn't get the win. Yay Latrice!
  • Holy living fuck, season 4 has some GREAT lip syncing! Yeah, Milan, you earned this.
  • "swiffered the floor with his taint" is the quote of the season. Thank you, Willam.

posted by duffell at 7:14 PM on October 19, 2016

Latrice is just a fucking gift to humanity. I hope she gets Miss Congeniality.

Willam just gets better and better once one adjusts to the deadpan.
posted by Jilder at 6:48 AM on October 20, 2016 [1 favorite]

I LOVED the different takes on what makes the pros happy.

Mutchnick acknowledging Dida's natural gift for sitcom acting was a thing of beauty as the rest of the judges had seemingly already giving her a meh, whatevs label. And in the same vein, it was fascinating to see that what makes Sharon an early stand-out is also what troubles Mutchnick.

Cringed over Willam trying to make himself happen.
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Latrice won that one. No one else came close. What sent Milan in the bottom, despite her training as an actor, is not getting this was a camp. It keeps surprising me to see how few drag queens have any real comedy chops.

Doesn't take much to set off PhiPhi's temper, eh? She is not having fun here. The show is setting her up as Sharon's rival, but the contestant she is the complete opposite of is Latrice. That church thing in the workroom was the highlight of the episode.
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I forgot how bitchy this season is. I'd be good with an episode or two of Latrice and Chad giving me hope for humanity.

Phi Phi seems so willing to go from 0-60 on a dime. Leaving it at "I gave you something you were good at and you won so maybe don't be so
quick to throw me under a bus next time" would have made her look much better. I agree that she doesn't seem to have a good sense for how things will play for the camera.
posted by tchemgrrl at 6:38 AM on October 24, 2016

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