Channel Zero: Candle Cove, Part Two: I'll Hold Your Hand
October 20, 2016 2:00 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Marla agrees to help Mike investigate the murders, and is horrified to learn about what happened in 1988, that's been hidden since that time.
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Still trying to decide what to make of this show. I don't read a ton of creepypasta - I'm down with Slenderman and the SCP Foundation, and that's about it.

I like the premise a lot - the Candle Cove show is, indeed, a pretty creepy notion - but Mike cutting himself and being recently committed feels weird, and the direction is a bit herky-jerky for me to get into.
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This one was weaker than the last one. Trying to get a six episode series out of a single page creepypasta is a tall order.

The tooth monster is freaky as all hell, though.
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Is it weird that they got to the end of the story at the end of the first episode? I kind of figured they'd delay that a bit more. Too hard to keep it from being guessed?
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Herky-jerky sounds right. "Show, what r u doin" was my feeling at the end of this.

Strangely, what really stuck out for me was when he was in the hospital to see Katie, and he just walked past a room that had what looked like Silent Hill skin curtains or something, with someone behind them shutting a sliding glass door. (Which I guess is the tooth monster?) But Mike just walks on like it was nothing.
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The tooth monster is freaky as all hell, though.

YMMV. To me it was trying to hard to be creepy and ended up silly instead.
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