Glitch: Am I in Hell?
October 24, 2016 12:22 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

After revisiting the cemetery, James confirms his theory about the group and he confronts a mysterious and dangerous John Doe. Meanwhile Kate gets an unexpected surprise when she goes back home.
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The emerging pseudo-friendship between racist, relic Paddy and modern POC kid Beau is terrific. It's weird, but it's so low key and tentative, it never rings false.
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Yeah, the Paddy/Beau thing is great. A couple of interesting things I noted/was wondering about

-all of the male revives appear to be from much older time periods
-given the time frames, we should be seeing some more interesting reactions to technology, culture and language differences; how much has English changed since Paddy's time?
-did the new John Doe arise about the same time as Carlo disintegrated? Like, is there a limit to this effect of 6 revives being around?
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Oh, that would be interesting, and also make it feel like there were more stakes - otherwise you'd know they would always leave a certain amount alive.
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Somehow Paddy is a likeable character even though he's a racist dickbag.

I think James's wife Sarah looks a lot like Lisa from The Room.

Poor Carlo, I really wanted to learn more about him. He seemed like an interesting character. Did Australia really force Italians into internment camps during WW2? I suppose that's no different than the US and our Japanese internment camps.

I'm slightly amused that John Doe seems to be addicted to strangling people.
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What did the doc find in John Doe's unmarked grave? I didn't recognize it.
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Without spoiling anything, the item found in the grave is part of a later episode.
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Ah, okay. I was just wondering if she recognized it at the time, but she must not have.
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What did the doc find in John Doe's unmarked grave? I didn't recognize it.

I haven't watched beyond Episode 2 yet, so I feel confident that I'm not spoiling anything here. That's a boatswain's call, or whistle, which I know only because I have one that's identical (that we use to call the dogs).
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i was under the impression she did recognize it, and that she knows who that is, contributing to why she wasn't so scared of him even though she's seen how violent he gets (which i guess is more in the next episode, but it's not too spoilery i hope).
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