Lucifer: Weaponizer
October 24, 2016 7:55 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Lucifer investigates the murder of his favorite action-movie hero. Meanwhile, Uriel appears, demanding that Lucifer honor the bargain he made with God for Chloe's life.

*The Maze/Chloe roommate plan is still a go.
*Amenadiel finally tells Lucifer that he has lost his powers, believes it is punishment for his sins on Earth.
*Uriel reveals to Lucifer that God didn't send him to bring their mother back to Hell; he has taken it upon himself to protect God from her by killing her instead, but ultimately Lucifer kills Uriel.
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It's a small point, but when Lucifer returned to his apartment and the elevator doors opened, my first thought was, "He's alone. Where's Maze? Is she OK?"
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AV Club recap - Lucifer welcomes each and every one of us to “Devil Time”

I had read that Imperioli was guesting as Uriel, was surprised that they killed him off but looking forward to the ramifications. Uriel's ruthlessness felt like what I remember of the angels in the Lucifer comics.
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I for one would adopt "Devil Time" for my catch phrase, but that would be embarrassing now wouldn't it.

Where's Maze?

Wouldn't she have gone home to her apartment to nurse wounds and check up on roommie Chloe?
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I must say I really loved how torn up Lucifer looked when he returned after killing his brother. There was a level of angst and grief and despair on his face that isn't normally seen in movies and TV shows.
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Great long take at 27:43, when Uriel engineers for Kimo Van Sant to see his ex-wife meeting the money manager, and we also see Chloe's arrival. The choreography, the blocking, the execution, all flawless.

Also haha at "Kimo van Zant". (is Mark Dacascos here playing JCVD?)
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