Supergirl: Welcome to Earth
October 24, 2016 6:50 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Supergirl and the DEO are assigned to protect the President during her visit to National City to introduce the Alien Amnesty Act; Alex meets Detective Maggie Sawyer

*Coma-Kryptonian turns out to be Mon-El, from Kryptonian-rival planet Daxam.
*There is an alien dive bar in National City that plays Dolly Parton music non-stop.
*Lena Luthor has developed an alien-detection device soon to be available for retail sale.
*President Lynda Carter! (ok, Olivia Marsdin) appears to not be human. (Also, we should see her other jet.)
*When J'onn J'onzz goes to the alien bar, the bartender is revealed to be M'gann M'orzz aka Miss Martian, the Last Daughter of Mars
*Snapper walks all over James, until Kara's pep talk gets James to return the favor.
*So, what's the ship name for Maggie/Alex?
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Wonder woman is President! And nice call out to the Wonder Woman spin when Kara put the fire out. :D
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I loved the Wonder Woman callout at the end, when Kara mentions how much she enjoyed seeing Air Force One.

"If you think that's cool, you ought to see my other jet."

Interesting that the President appears to be an alien herself...makes me wonder if she'll turn up again sometime this season.
posted by Roger Pittman at 7:36 PM on October 24, 2016

I really liked Snapper up until that last scene where he threw his hissy fit. Now that the boys have had their measuring contest, I'm hoping they can settle down and do their jobs, which includes teaching Kara how to be a reporter.

Was there something off about the way Linda Carter sounded? Nasally or lispy or something? It has been a while since I've seen her in anything, but I don't remember her talking like that. Was it an acting choice to make her sound a bit more alien?

M'gann is one of those characters I'm aware of but never actually encountered as a comic reader, so I'm ambivalent about her, but I'm hopeful she has a positive affect on J'onn. He needs a storyline outside of the DEO and one that would connect him with people outside of the Danvers family.

Maggie seems like a great fit and an interesting character, so I'm looking forward to more of her. She's another character that I only have a passing familiarity with (although I know more about her than M'gann), so I'm open to the actress' interpretation.

Winn seems wasted at the DEO. It seems he's on the verge of turning into magical-tech-explanation-guy with no other purpose beside the odd pep talk provider for Kara.

And of course, like everybody else, I liked the spin and jet nods.
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Hmmm. Step backward in some areas, good in others. Specifics:

* Alex's police brutality bit in the dive bar bothered me a lot. It seems like she could have told the stoolie guy about Maggie first, and resorted to bludgeoning him if that wasn't enough. She was entirely too comfortable twisting his arm earlier too.

* Supergirl's anti-Daxam stuff was also pretty not-good. I'm glad that was quickly glossed over, and hope there isn't too much more of it.

* Lynda Carter as President was awesome. I assume she'll be back. Very curious what's going on with her being an alien.

* I like this Maggie, and am looking forward to more of her. I appreciated her showing up the DEO. (The 'learned English via kissing' line about her ex reminded me of Starfire.)

* I only really know M'gann from Young Justice, where she was a complicated and interesting character. I'll be curious to see what they do with her. Also, this is a *lot* of heroes for a show like this: Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Mon-El (although it's funny that's the name he's coming with) and Miss Martian, plus the option of Superman cameos whenever. Feels like almost enough heroes to start up the Justice League.

* I like the Lena Luthor/Kara dynamic so far, and hope it stays interesting. My favorite times on Smallville were in S1/S2 when Clark and Lex were friendly, but Lex was still Lex. I enjoyed a similar tension here: Lena obviously *likes* Kara, but is still pursuing an agenda that's potentially dangerous to Supergirl, and that's more fun to me than having her play a traditional adversary.

* I agree that Winn's totally wasted, and I hope they do more with him.

* I also hope the stuff with Snapper Carr gets less adversarial pretty quick. Like... him being a abrasive is actually good IMO, (for reasons cited in earlier threads), but they've dialed it all the way over to 'total asshole,' and that's unfortunate.
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AV Club recap - All aliens are welcome as President Lynda Carter visits Supergirl

So, I guess Maxwell Lord has been dropped down the memory hole - no way he wouldn't have had something to say about the Alien Amnesty Act. Not that I mind his absence, but seems like an explanation is warranted.

Not enjoying Snapper Carr, was really feeling the loss of Cat this episode. But I'm excited about Maggie and the potential of Maggie/Alex, and Miss Martian, and Madam President.
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Well the character didn't look orange enough to be from Tamaran, but yeah, Starfire was definitely top of mind when then mentioned the way she picks up languages.

Speaking of languages, Mon-El's speech pattern was a bit slangy for somebody who presumably just learned English after hanging around for a few days, wasn't it?

I'm sure they're setting Mon-El up as a potential love-interest for Kara, but I wish they hadn't called him that. I mean in the comics the character has a somewhat tragic history and I don't want to get invested in watching something that is possibly doomed from the start.
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Everything is gay and nothing hurts (except the absence of Cat Grant).

Mostly I'm just floating the top three Alex/Maggie ship names:
1. Inspector Danvers
2. VagBadgeSquad (LOL forever)
3. Investigays
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I was so hoping when President Lynda Carter said "You should see my other jet!" That she was going to reveal herself to be Wonder Woman not some, probably evil, space alien. So disappointed.

If the alien dive bar where they play Dolly Parton on an endless loop is in every episode this season I will be very happy.
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Tumblr appears to have settled on "Detective Danvers", "Malex", or "Sanvers" and I 1100% hate modern ship names. If you're not going to come up with a cool nickname like Wolfstar, just use the slash.

At first I thought the president was actually Wonder Woman? But that was just a shoutout to the actor I guess? And idk if I"m disappointed but I'm totally in love with Lynda Carter now.
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I also hope the stuff with Snapper Carr gets less adversarial pretty quick. Like... him being a abrasive is actually good IMO, (for reasons cited in earlier threads), but they've dialed it all the way over to 'total asshole,' and that's unfortunate.

I wouldn't hold my head underwater, personally, but then I think this show has a problem with drawing this line in general. Cat Grant often crossed over the line from being a strong & determined & powerful person into just being abusive; why would they not follow that trend with Carr?
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"Malex" is better than "Maggex" ....
posted by pjsky at 12:21 PM on October 27, 2016

Speaking of shout-outs, did anyone else catch the bit when Alex told the alien creepo during the police brutality that Maggie was out there 'fighting for your rights'? I mean, it could just be a co-incidence, but that's a line from the Wonder Woman Theme song.
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Maaaaaaaaaan, how pissed would you be to be an undocumented human immigrant "alien" (figurative alien) in the US and hear that the President has given amnesty to literal aliens?
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I just caught up with this episode, and "How did anyone even vote for that other guy?” is a lot less funny than it would have been pre-election.
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Maaaaaaaaaan, how pissed would you be to be an undocumented human immigrant "alien" (figurative alien) in the US and hear that the President has given amnesty to literal aliens?

True, but from a technocrat sense you have to accept that deportation of planetary aliens is an order of magnitude harder and more expensive.
posted by phearlez at 8:56 AM on November 18, 2016

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