The Bugle: Bugle 4001 – Tony The Tiger RIP
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US Elections, pumpkins and Finland


Now part of the Radiotopia Network, the new season will instead see Andy Zaltzman joined by a rotating cast of the world’s leading satirists and comedians, including Wyatt Cenac and Hari Kondabolu from the US, Anuvab Pal from India, and, from the UK, Nish Kumar and Andy’s multi-podcast-award-winning sister Helen Zaltzman.
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Yes, it's back!

I liked the episode. It's definitely a different podcast without John, though. They previously had an energy of people who really knew each other, and John could cut through Andy's rough edges, which was a funny thing in and of itself (ie., his groans at Andy's pun runs, etc.). Good show, though, and I'm very excited that Andy's back.

(We saw Andy's Satirist for Hire show in D.C. last month, and it was incredible. Would recommend to anybody if they have the opportunity to check one out.)
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Oh, also interesting that they've joined Radiotopia. I listen to a bunch of their podcasts and yet hadn't heard about it until Andy mentioned it. Wonder if his sister had anything to do with it.
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John Oliver's stand-up show first introduced me to Hari Kondabolu, so this felt just right. I'm really glad they kept Chris too. I can't even remember what they were talking about, but Chris' "They're shit!" interjection warmed my heart.

I do miss the chemistry of John and Andy, but the satire is still sharp.
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General Malaise - I heard a "hint" of the shift to radiotopia in their fundraiser video and was so excited to know the Bugle has a stable "home". I would bet Helen had something to do with it, and she's going to be one of the guest co-hosts in an upcoming episode.
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This felt like when an American celeb shows up in a British panel show. Also, Andy and John had/have a lot of set pieces. Hari seemed to basically show up and crack wise. Which is fine but not really the Bugle. I'm sure it will mesh better as they progress.
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