RuPaul's Drag Race: Float Your Boat   First Watch 
October 28, 2016 4:23 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The dolls design ship-shaped parade floats for a pride-filled runway extravaganza. With extra special guest judges Kelly Osbourne and NCIS' Pauley Perrette.
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  • Phi Phi's performance on the SPRING BREAK WOOOO stage was so hellacious, I felt a little bad laughing. But laugh I did.
  • I'm appreciating Willam more as the season continues. When Jiggly said she swallowed glitter and Willam said, "You've swallowed worse" ...that was excellent.
  • Jiggly's attitude sucked during the main challenge. "I don't like the color orange so I'm not even going to try." Also, her "narcissistic much?" directed at Willam, wtf was that? Drag is not a humble profession, my dear.
  • How great were the pit crew as the "waves" during the runway bit? Totes adorbs.
  • Chad looks great in pink! Willam, too, looked amazing, and she had my favorite outfit/float combo. All the pieces worked. BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT LATRICE? Oh my God, her makeup was fucking ON POINT in that runway challenge. Glitter! Sequins! EVERYTHING IS SHINY!
  • Dida's outfit was sort of meh--I mean, she was super cute, but not in an interesting drag kinda way. Milan and Jiggly though, they were both kind of a mess.
  • I loved Sharon's hand-snake, but everything else about her outfit and float was immediately dumped into my memory's recycling bin. I remember nothing. Similarly, I'm pretty sure Phi Phi had a really well put-together ensemble, but I forgot it almost immediately.
  • I will say that I thought the critique of Milan ("your float is all about you and that's offensive") was some fresh steaming bullshit. There was a lot wrong with the float, but come the fuck on--Milan gets read for "Milan invasion" but Willam's entirely Willam-themed boat is fine? (Not that I think this would be a fair critique of Willam, either--but C'MON, maaaan...)
  • Fuuuuuck, Jiggly, way to turn it around in the lipsync! You fucking OWNED it. Milan, honey, your performance was impassioned but it stank of desperation. De-wigging? Stripping? Doing a weird Boney M Rasputin dance? Naw, naw. Nawwwwww.

posted by duffell at 4:25 PM on October 28, 2016

Willam teasing Jiggly for wearing women's clothes reads as pretty harsh in the context of her having come out as trans.

I pretty much never agree with the critiques about not seeing the real person, but then I get to see all the behind-the-scenes segments that the judges aren't privy to. Chad seems like such a pro, maybe the only one who is consistently polite and kind and game for anything.
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For all Jiggly's whining, her float ended up looking pretty good. Better than Sharon's, I'd say. But she looked sour going down the runway and wasn't selling her look. RuPaul doesn't like to see that. All Jiggly had to do was reveal the bathing suit and she'd watch DiDa lip-sync instead.

I haven't been re-watching the accompanying Untucked episodes, but I think this was the one where Willam accurately read Milan for "overthinking". She does aim higher in her head than she can really pull off in the end. She also thinks being a skinny boy is enough to translate to feminine drag, but the other thin queens use padding. It makes her drag look lazy even when she thinks she is being really ambitious. Her last lip-sync was superb, so I was surprised this one was such a mess. Such a horrid, horrid mess.

The critique of Latrice's boots seemed like nitpicking, but I don't know, maybe it made the difference between Willam winning. They were both so spectacular.

Chad's was also good, I don't care what Billy B said. It's just one of those times when a queen is very good, but another is damn near perfect. PhiPhi's look might have been an early attempt at the cosplay she'd get into after this season.

Jiggly and Sharon each had a fun jab at Willam early in the episode. I laughed.
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