Insecure: Thirsty as Fuck
October 31, 2016 5:21 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Issa turns to Daniel for help during Career Day; Molly finds herself in a tough position at work; Lawrence bonds with a surprising confidante. AV Club recap
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I really liked this episode. Do you guys think Molly didn't tell her boss that she had already spoken to Rashida because she was overstepping her bounds?

I disagreed with the recap's opinion that seeing Daniel again was repetitive. I think it's realistic af. You can be working on getting your relationship into a better place because that's what you think you both want but humans are social animals and there's always going to be those other people around who you click with too, who are around and who you have to decide how to deal with. Especially because as people get happier at home and more confident they become more appealing to everyone around them. Now as Lawrence is starting to get back on track we're seeing that he also has his own Daniel so to speak. I like how this show is jumping in.
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Do you guys think Molly didn't tell her boss that she had already spoken to Rashida because she was overstepping her bounds?

I think this episode did a really good job of showing the sort of bind that black female professionals often find themselves in. I think Molly bringing up her previous conversation would've been throwing Rashida under the bus, both by legitimizing the partners' prejudices and by basically telling her boss that Rashida didn't listen to Molly's advice the first time around (confirming suspicions that Rashida has an "attitude problem"). I also felt the show's characterization of how Molly's boss brought this issue up rang true: all the talk about "being a good fit" for "workplace culture" was some very realistic bullshit.

Good for Molly for taking herself out of that situation, but it came at a high cost: she got out of it by basically telling her boss "I don't matter enough to successfully handle this task," and of course, she didn't predict the full-court press that Rashida got in that conference room. The look on Rashida's face, clearly frightened for her job, also somewhat affronted, but trying to hold it together, was just devastating, and it's a look I've seen on my work colleagues' faces before.
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