The Adventure Zone: The Live Boston Stunt Spectacular
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Travis and Teresa had a baby! We're so excited for them, but we're also very excited for YOU! Because you're about to hear a live episode we recorded in Boston this past July that turned out super, super great. Thanks to everyone in attendance, and to all our listeners for sticking with us during Trav's leave of absence!
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I feel like there was a plan for that exquisite cache of weapons and I wish I knew what it was.
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the plan was presumably to get the guys their weapons for when Shit Went Bad, which is exactly what happened.
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*discovers that FanFare is doing TAZ posts* Oh hey, neat!!

*clicks on a few threads*

*realizes she's way, WAY further down How About You Kiss That Skeleton, Here Look At This Fanart I Drew path than is the general tone*


h-haaaa hey!

Justin sure did some cool Dungeons and Dragonsing in the live show! Some good fun times!

I'm absolutely listening to this show for cool fights and not to see if Carey and Killian get married in the end, absolutely not, why do you ask?
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> *realizes she's way, WAY further down How About You Kiss That Skeleton, Here Look At This Fanart I Drew path than is the general tone*

Um, I'll have you know that if there's a lack of fanart on my end it's from a dearth of talent and not desire.

Which is to say: show your work fam.
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Which is to say: show your work fam.

The handful that I've drawn so far is in this tag on my Tumblr, if you're curious!

But if anyone here isn't already familiar with the Carey Pietsch Fanart Powerhouse then I highly recommend diving into that particular swimming pool ASAP.
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NP those are GREAT! Thank you so much for sharing! And I don't want to speak for everyone here but I don't think anyone will mind if you want to out geek us in these threads.
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I really felt for Griffin as I listened to this episode today. I just yesterday wrapped up the first arc of my ongoing "Savage Swashbuckling" campaign, and had to rush the last session a bit as one of my players will be out for the next four weeks. There was a similar "right, now this happens, what do you do?" vibe to the end of this session, which I thought Griffin managed to cope with admirably - particularly since they were playing in front of an audience.

I loved hearing all that excitement and love for four folks playing D&D together. The internet brings us together in strange and happy ways sometimes.

As an aside, if anyone wants to join in my Sunday game, you're more than welcome. 2pm GMT, every week. It's via Fantasy Grounds but I've got a ultimate licence subscription so there's no cost to play. MeMail if interested!
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NP, love it all! Thanks for sharing :)
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Angus pulling out the mage hand was my favorite bit from this episode.
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I love Justin's constant insistence that Clint use his character voice. I guess Travis avoids that issue by having Magnus's voice sound very very similar to Travis's.
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At the start of this episode Magnus signs away his image rights to Merrick, the CEO of Battlefest.


Garfield the deals warlock and the town of Refuge both broke copyright law and need to be taken to court by Merrick.

Also I noticed that they asked if Merle was familiar with Deathman (since he's older, so knew about wrestling from before their time) and Griffin initially said he did, before retconning it, because of course they've all actually spent the same amount of time in this world.
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