The Adventure Zone: Ep. 52. The Suffering Game - Chapter Two
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Our boys survived their first encounter in The Felicity Wilds -- but will they survive the perils that await them inside of Wonderland? Or like, maybe it's not so bad in there? No, I'm just goofin'. It's pretty dang bad in there. Magnus makes a new BFF. Merle goes dark. Taako considers a job application. Music: "Storm Top Dog" by Zackery Wilson. You can find his music at and at!
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Hey gang - I think it's about to get real hairy. Like, real real hairy.

And I think there's going to be death, and I think it's going to be part of the plot.

Excited to see where this goes.
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About three quarters of the way through and must credit Griffin for actually upping the stakes dramatically.
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You guys should have heard the noise I made when Griffin said, "Monster Factory!"

I think Magnus dies heroically at some point, I just get the feeling. I think Griffin and Travis have already discussed it but Justin and Cliff don't know and it's going to be ah-mazing.
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...didn't we find out at some point that the Red Robes are liches? As in, dead? And we now know that Magnus was maybe probably somehow one of them?
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Is "Cliff" a special fan name for "Clint" and if not, can we please make it one now?
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Is "Cliff" a special fan name for "Clint" and if not, can we please make it one now?

It is now!

It's November and I'm in grad school and all non-essential information has left my brain.
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Cliff McElroy is the Stefan Urquelle to Clint McElroy's Steve Urkel.
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Cliff always does his character voice and knows which die is the d8.

Fun fact: I had to copynpaste "d8" because Chrome keeps trying to autocorrect it to "it is November 18th 2016, 7:09:52 am right now".

I'm going to be a little bit of a good good hypercritical boy and say that I'll be kind of bummed if the death of one of our characters comes at the hands of a roulette wheel or craps game rather than in the course of the storyline, but this campaign has been so so good, and Griffin is such an amazing storyteller that I don't actually think it will go down like that.
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This arc makes me too anxious. I mean, I'll stick with it happily but ... it reminds me of the Hostel movie genre-i can't even handle watching the trailers for those.
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I'm feeling a little cautious on this storyline; I trust in Griffin, but I don't like tabletop RPG storylines that become a railroad to suffering. I have no problems with RPG characters suffering and I have no problem with the players having tough choices, but having everyone sacrifice a body part or an ability (or accept a vague "penalty") as the entry price to the dungeon is pushing my boundaries on taking away agency from the players.

As a comparison, I look at the Crystal Kingdom arc - Cliff had a moment to make a choice about catching a crystal or not; the consequences of his decision were clearly communicated in advance, and the decision was his alone along with the subsequent actions of the other players to manage the effects. It was not the price of entry for the adventure; it was a moment of the adventure, if that is clear.

So, yeah, I'm a bit uncomfortable here but I also trust Griffin enough to think that this is building to something great.
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Wonderland is a great, nasty concept and the Monster Factory idea was brilliant. Multiplying Flying Electric Dire-bear!
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