Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: School Segregation
November 6, 2016 12:03 PM - Season 3, Episode 28 - Subscribe

Week of 10/30:
  • Regrettably, more on the 2016 Election, putting aside a story on Pirate Party making progress in Iceland, among others, to make room for it. OH WELL:
  • The FBI finds a few Clinton emails in an investigation into oh god I can't believe I'm typing this Anthony Weiner, yes HIM again, Carlos Danger himself. Worth watching just for the footage of Biden reacting to the words "Anthony Weiner."
  • And Now: The Stream-Of-Consciousness Musings of WCBS-2 Meteorologist John Elliott
  • Main story: School segregation, and its surprising continued prevalence, not in the South, but in New York state. YouTube (18m)
  • How Is This Still A Thing: Voting On Tuesday (It turns out to have started because, in the 1800s, people were expected to be spending Monday travelling to the polling place to vote.) YouTube (4m)

2016 Election: "The Shit-Filled Cornucopia That Just Keeps On Giving 2016"
Racism: "The problem that 'Crash' failed to solve."

F. 37 Halloween: "Hocus Pocus"
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There! Backlog finally cleared.
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I find the segregation issue so, so frustrating. Until recently I was working in an inner-city school where 95% of the students were black or Latinx. That school and many others in the city are in the process of a state takeover because they are failing. So many experimental measures are tried to get the schools to turn around, but no one ever talks about bussing, and I think it is the only thing that would actually work.
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