Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Multilevel Marketing
November 7, 2016 10:37 PM - Season 3, Episode 29 - Subscribe

This week (11/7):
  • The final pre-Election 2016 segment! Contains a couple of old Daily Show clips, of John Oliver 1. begging Donald Trump to run for the comedy potential, and 2. claiming the Cubs will never win.
  • And Now: The Inevitable, Sad Consequences of Morning Shows Celebrating Halloween
  • Main story: Multilevel marketing companies like Herbalife, Ky√§ni and "Nu Skin," and their suspecious similarity to pyramid schemes. With LWT's own pyramid scheme at the end -- money isn't involved, but passing a video around to five of your friends is. Because MLM companies are now targeting the Latino community, the segment is offered on YouTube with Spanish subtitles. English - Spanish subs (both about 32m))

Election 2016: "Or, Of Course Election Day Is November 8th -- The Latest Possible Date The Election Could Fall On. This Must Be The Universe Punishing Us For All The Masturbating We've Done, And It Was A Lot 2016"
Hillary Clinton: "With that cadence, flow and swag, Hillary Clintion is truly the Hillary Clinton of rappers."
Donald Trump: "The human equivilent of a clear plastic bag filled with cheeseburgers and confederate flag belt buckles."

F. 37: 2016 Election, image of a red, white and blue BOTE button, caption "Votus POTUS"
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I was kind of surprised and skeptical that MLM was the topic - hasn't its awfulness already been dissected to death? - but that was a damn good segment, and I am HERE FOR Jaime Camil always, everywhere.
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a friend of mine works for an association of supplement companies, she was telling that Herbalife is getting their organization turned around. I sent her the video but she hasn't told me what she really thinks of it. I hope they really reform their organization after all this negative publicity and possible fines. But I don't expect that to happen.
posted by numaner at 6:59 AM on November 9, 2016

MLM is good for this episode, because I'd say it's been awhile since it's been on the public radar and forgetting about pyramid schemes is a good way to get sucked into them.

I watched this and Full Frontal last night. So weird to watch them knowing how the election turns out.
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