The Vampire Diaries: You Decided That I Was Worth Saving
November 8, 2016 2:17 PM - Season 8, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Sybil is out of fucks, while the crew has too many. Enzo fights the good fight. And again. Bonnie has an Elena moment and has to choose between two men; Alaric plays research monkey for Damon and Enzo; Tyler Lockwood has a heart to heart with the selfsame pixie monster.

Sybil rewires Damon's mind yet again so he doesn't remember Elena surviving Wickery Bridge. Damon tries to kill Bonnie for the 378th time. And the 379th, but is stopped by Alaric riding in like the motherfucking cavalry. Bonnie (with Caroline's support) chooses Enzo, much to Damon's surprise. Enzo then flips his humanity switch to save Bonnie. Sort of, because Sybil doesn't really hold with these whole deal things. Damon finally, after a false start, decides to eat Tyler Lockwood.

State of Nina Dobrev: unknown, the Wickery Bridge scene is recycled footage.
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