Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?
December 2, 2016 7:56 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Everyone tries to make new friends, to mixed results.
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Trapped In The Closet take-off, hells yes.

Trent. Hells no.
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Paula's facial expressions are how I feel most of the time.
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I love Trent as a reflection of how totally insane Rebecca was/is.
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In a season full of cringe moments, this was the cringeiest yet by a large margin. Loved it, but I had to look away from some scenes.
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On November 27 I Tweeted a request to Bring Back Trent. And OMG, they delivered! Big time! I know that other people may not agree but OMG I want Trent to stick around for the rest of the season. All of Rebecca's bad ideas look so much worse when Trent is wearing them.

This was simultaneously funny and tough for me. I've been Trent trying to force a friendship. I've been Rebecca trying to force friends together. I was never to their level (being as I'm not actually in a TV show) but oh, this hit very close to home.

I am loving Valencia more with each episode. Her constant "is this what girl groups do?" is genius. And Heather! Heather gets a song! And it's great!!!

(Side note: Is White Josh the Guy Heather? Because he's pretty blunt with judging Josh Chan.)

I also loved the Spice Girls nod. I want to watch that over and over.

And hooray, Mya and Darryl are now the center of attention! I can't wait to see what happens next with them. I need to learn that dance...

I loved this episode unreservedly, but I know my sweetie had a different opinion and I'm hoping he posts it soon.
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So has Rebecca always been basically on a level with Homer Simpson in the Zombie Simpsons era, or only in the last couple of episodes?
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I liked this episode overall, but it kind of felt like Rebecca was not the main character in the episode at all, so it kind of seemed odd and disjointed to me. Coupled with the fact that she was uncharacteristically well-behaved throughout the episode. Don't get me wrong, I love the focus on other characters but it seemed a little off to me and I think that's why.

So the "girl group" is pretty much doomed, right? but I hope they do manage to stay together for a while because I love the dynamic and the opportunity to have more Heather and Valencia.

I'm kind of in love with "Friendtopia" and have pretty much memorized the lyrics from repeated watchings.
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IIRC they had a whole multi-year arc planned out before they even started shooting. I wonder if Greg's departure was part of that, or if they were caught off guard?
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The DVR summary for next week's episode includes, "Paula feels distant from Scott". I will be pissed as hell if there's another affair storyline for her.
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Between Trent and Rebecca I almost couldn't watch this episode. I was cringing practically the whole time as watching people humiliate themselves really bothers me. This really fell into that type of "humour" that I just can't take, so I hope that between Trent's and Rebecca's epiphanies that you can't force friendship that maybe everybody will back off on this tactical for a while. Yes, I know that's unlikely as Rebecca's entire M.O. is to force what she wants and what she believes others want, but I can hope, right?
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Santino Fontana only signed a contract for a year, so no, they weren't.

Yeah, the last few episodes have been very cringe-embarrassing to watch. Though "Friendtopia" is very well done.
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As cringey as this episode was, as distressed as I am about Paula and Rebecca, as delightful as I found Valencia's attempts to become a Real Girl...

...we are on day four of "Friendtopia" being stuck in my head, and I can't decide if that's a problem or not.
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Rebecca's party was super uncomfortable to watch, especially after Karen/Angelique arrived.

I did like Mya's confrontation with Darryl.
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"I'm not forcing, I'm aggressively facilitating!" (rewatching the whole thing)
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