Pitch: Scratched
December 2, 2016 7:56 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The news catches wind of rumors about Mike waiving his no-trade clause. Meanwhile, Evelyn and Will join forces for a business venture, but Amelia worries their plan relies on Ginny's fame.
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Also did anybody think Mike would really get traded?
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Mike sure seemed to!

Is this how business usually works? "Yeah, we'll just give you a big pile o' cash. Hope none of it disappears!" I suppose it's probably not far off for amateur hour stuff.

Definitely agreed on the hookup front. What's wrong with rich nerd guy? He seems genuine.
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I guess I'm naive, I honestly never believed the writers were heading towards Mike/Ginny whenever it came up in the reviews, add me to the 'no thanks' train. (I did think the near-kiss was pretty hot, definitely more chemistry between them than with rich tech dude, but Ginny deserves better than Mike. Future retired Mike, maybe, but not the current train wreck.)
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Personally I'm shipping Al and Buck.
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I was really surprised that the writers bent this way at all, let alone so early. I actually liked the Lawson/Baker ship, but it was rushed. His head is full of his ex-wife and his most recent bedmate, Amelia, and Ginny has been holding on to all of her emotional issues. (Is her shrink coming back?) This is the kind of thing I'd rather see late in a season 2 if it had to happen, and it certainly didn't have to happen. But I liked HOW it happened, the Mike didn't even seem to know it was how he felt until he was talking the other guy down. The power of Katy Perry and cilantro, I guess.

Al and Buck and Oscar, and the other players, I really enjoy. I loved the touches in the ep where the one guy got traded three times in one week and ended up back to the Padres, and how his normally jerky teammate missed him and talked about their kids being buddies.

I'd like to know more about Evelyn and Blip, see more with Oscar's daughter and less (as I think will be happening) with Al's daughter, and with Will.

And while rich nerd may be good for expanding Ginny's horizons, her life IS baseball, and I can't see someone that focused being with someone who doesn't really understand what she does.
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