Pitch: Don't Say It
December 9, 2016 6:59 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Ross warns the Padres that Ginny is dangerously close to her pitching limit. (Season finale)
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Well, I hope they renew for another season, kind of a downer ending otherwise.

I wasn't sure why Amelia didn't mention the fact that Evelyn asked for her help in the Will situation; maybe because she knew she would have interfered regardless because she knew it was in Ginny's best interest, and didn't feel like she should have to justify her actions with that kind of excuse. Not sure they laid the groundwork for the argument to escalate the way it did. (And poor Eliot, fired in absentia.)

Evelyn's speech to Blip was great - if only 'open a restaurant' wasn't the the hill she was picking to die on. Nobody should get the unquestioned support of their spouse in the dream of opening and running a successful restaurant, it's almost certain to be a money pit or a break-even venture at best.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this show, hope it comes back.
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I LOLed when Ginny and Mike were arguing on the mound and the fielder came in to see if they needed to be broken up and got yelled at. I do love how this show shows how much of baseball, because it's a slow and thoughtful game, involves the emotional and interpersonal maintenance of the players so they don't choke. They've done a nice job of showing how very emotional baseball is.

Didn't love the "firing Amelia" bit; feel like it shouldn't have escalated so far. I feel like some of the pacing in general this season was a bit off. Like maybe they originally plotted for more episodes?

I know it would have been super-cheesy for her to finish the no-hitter but I kind-of hate that the moneyball guy was right.

Loved the Cubs World Series shout-out.
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Didn't love the "firing Amelia" bit; feel like it shouldn't have escalated so far.

I kind of agree, but also it did kind of end with Amelia being all "nope" and it's good to see women on tv saying no and walking away from emotional-labor demanding situations, which I didn't realize until I watched it happen.

I do hope Ali Larter and Tim Jo come back, though. I've really liked both of their characters. Obviously I hope the show comes back for another season, too.
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Just got to watch the season finale. This show has made me happy from beginning to end. Ginny is believable and loveable and flawed and even sometimes self-aware of her flaws. The feminism worked. The baseball plots worked. The characters and their friendships were believable. The moneyball guy was super annoying. The dad from Wonder Years is inexplicably exactly the same 30 years later.

I hope that they get a second season. There isn't another show on tv right now like this, and there is lots of room for development. I jokingly compare it to Supergirl, which I also love, but Ginny doesn't have powers and her bad guys aren't simple and ultimately her humanity is her downfall. Which really makes for a much more interesting show.

But if renewal doesn't happen, this was a great 10 episode series that provided some real light in the darkness this year.
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Pitch won't have a second season.

Hollywood Reporter on the news. And Meg Rowley at Baseball Prospectus on why she'll miss the show.
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Shoot. I didn't hold out a ton of hope for S2, but, still.
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Hey, whaddaya know, unexpected rumor/report from TV Line: Pitch May Get Another Inning
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