Project Runway: An Unconventional Trip
December 10, 2016 5:52 AM - Season 15, Episode 12 - Subscribe

The designers are shocked to learn that they have yet another trip. This time, to a very unlikely place! The twist and turns never stop coming during this final challenge which decides which designers will compete at New York Fashion week.

The remaining five designers are whisked off to Austin Texas to find inspiration for the third Unconventional Materials Challenge. In a surprise twist [sic], they are tasked with creating a conventional look as well. Guest judges: Georgina Chapman and Priyanka Chopra.

Winner: Roberi
Loser: Cornelius
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Final looks here
posted by TWinbrook8 at 5:54 AM on December 10, 2016

Tim looked pissed when he announced they had to make another look.
posted by bq at 1:02 PM on December 10, 2016

I despise the extra look thrown in thing they do. Just let them design the thing you asked them to design, ya know? It's all hard enough without throwing in this stale surprise, which at this point just takes the wind right out of their sails. Every challenge is under a time constraint already, the extra outfit thing is just cruel.

I felt like Cornelius was really borrowing from Erin this week. Not that she has a lock on the color yellow, but to combine yellow with big whimsical appliques that were handmade just screams Erin to me. It was the right move to send him home.

Erin and Laurence keep making dresses that are just too short.

I really like the final four and am looking forward to seeing the runway shows.
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What a ridiculous way to shoehorn in an advert for Best Western. I also thought it was odd to have a second unconventional materials challenge after last week's.

I'm really glad Roberi managed to pull (or should I say knot) it all together. I wasn't keen on his knot dress but I really liked the second look. It was far more polished and thoughtful than the other designers' second looks.

I just don't get Erin. She said she chose the print because it "went with" her first look. But the colour palettes were entirely different. I also thought it was a lazy way of her making a very basic jumpsuit look more than it actually was.

Did anybody else see 'Roman Centurion' in Laurence's unconventional outfit? I'm sure I've seen Victor Mature wear something similar.

Cornelius had outstayed his welcome, probably due to the producers wanting to keep the 'saved' contestant in the show. I quite liked his jumpsuit, but the paper cup dress was a bit of a mess.

Both Rik and Laurence need to show some variation in their final collections if either of them is to stand out in the finale. I'd like to see Roberi win, but I think the judges have already earmarked Erin as the winner. Ugh.
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All the way to Austin just to grab stuff at a feed store and eat barbecue. I felt bad for Nick V. having to emote enthusiastically about Best Western but I wouldn't mind winning that prize.

Laurence's outfit reminded me of a Gladiator costume but it was pretty clever. I liked the shoulder treatment and the asymmetrical straps. The skirt ended up looking like pleated linen which was cool. I liked bits and pieces of the others, except for Cornelius'. Those spiky flowers were off-putting.

My favorite garment of the night was Erin's jumpsuit. LOVED the print, loved the breeziness of the outfit. I liked the frayed trim she stitched around the neckline, the sleeve flounces. I will be really surprised if she does not win. It's between her and Laurence but L just doesn't take enough risks.

There's one more challenge right? Is it the mini-collection?
posted by TWinbrook8 at 5:27 AM on December 11, 2016

I don't think it's a fair challenge to weed out the final contestant before fashion week with an unconventional materials challenge. I mean this is supposed to be a show about fashion design, not an arts and crafts competition where the person who can best use a glue gun is entitled to the win. Besides we've already had enough of these unconventional challenges this season. Enough is enough.

I'm glad, however, that Roberi finally got a win. It was a long time coming, and there were weeks he should have been the winner but wasn't.

I'm with kanata in that I think the contestants should be prepared to have a second look thrown into the mix. It always happens (just as a swimsuit challenge always happens) so it shouldn't come as such a shock.

I think Tim was giving conflicting advice. He told somebody (Laurence maybe) that the second look was just a throwaway, but he really took Rik to task for not putting enough into his second piece.

The crowd I was watching with had lots to say about the contestants' reactions to being in the feed store with all those unusual items like AIR FILTERS!!! (I realize I'm being tremendously judgemental, but there are times it kind of hurts my mind to try to comprehend how sheltered some people are.)
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I wonder if the producers use the unconventional materials challenges as a way to loosen up the contestants and get them thinking more freely and creatively, so that the subsequent challenges benefit. It would be interesting to look for patterns in the quality of the designs week to week.
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