America's Next Top Model: The Guy Who Starts A Fight
September 16, 2014 11:29 AM - Season 21, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Involving stilts, spider bites, a surprise elimination, a perfect 10 from Kelly Cutrone and more of the Will/Matthew bromance.
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This show continues to get more ridiculous each season, yet still, to my shame, I watch it.

After last week's surprise elimination of Chantelle, I was hoping Ridiculous Adam would go this week. There's far too much testosterone and posturing amongst the boys, particular Keith and Denzel.

I'm still loving Raella, but the idea that any of these kids could become a top model is absurd. Most of them are too old and too short and the wrong body shape for a successful modelling career. You only have to look at the models on Project Runway, who are very tall and very skinny, to see what the industry wants. Very few successful working models have a unique look (such as two-tone hair or shaved heads or lots of tattoos). Models who want to find work consistently will have bland, even features that allow make-up artists to transform them. It's the product that's the star, not the model, unless you're one of a very elite group, a tiny percentage.

But, what the heck, it's fun entertainment, despite Tyra's massive ego (to match her massive forehead), and I'm so enjoying the interplay between Will and Matthew. It reminds me of the Ronnie/Ben steamy bromance in Season 1 of 'Make Me A Supermodel'.
posted by essexjan at 12:14 PM on September 16, 2014

I think it's lame that Lenox got to stay just because Romeo already got booted. They should have bounced her (which isn't even that big of a thing since they still stay around to do the photos and possibly come back). It really cheapens the whole "Tyra scores her a 1" thing since Tyra knew the girl wasn't going home anyways.

That said, I'm also bummed that Romeo left before some of the other people because I really wanted to see more of his witchcraft being used to take down other contestants.

I'll agree that there really isn't much of a front runner yet, either for who I think will win OR for who I want to win. But there are people I want to see leave, and I guess that's why I'm watching? Sure, yeah.
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It was disappointing to see Romeo get himself kicked out. He was one of the better models, even if his knowledge of that fact made him unpleasant to be around. (Disclaimer: I actually skip the parts of the show where they're just sitting around talking/fighting. I only watch modeling and judging.)
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I actually think Lennox and Keith are the only two with any kind of chance at a modeling career as they're the only two that look remotely like models.

Tyra need to stop picking people who are 5'6" and curvy and then yelling at them for not looking long enough.
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So they are sticking with that whole beard weave thing. Denzel should "accidentally" toss that out of a moving car. They did improve the look of the silly thing, but it is still a silly thing.

Adam continues to be completely incapable of modelling - Witch Boy got that correct.
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More Will and Matt!!! Tyra knows how to give the people what they want.
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I am rather bummed that Romeo was 86'd. I was rather enjoying his florid new take on douchebaggery, shame he couldn't handle his, uh, potions. And he does actually LOOK like a model - all lean and pouty and shit. Fratboy comported himself well enough that one suspects he is not as foolish as he lets on, but he's still a beefy, doofy party dude.

Now our only source of drama will be that boring crap with Marujana and Beardweave and Not Tyson Beckford or whatever. Meh to that. Meeehhhh.

I am VERY much in favor of more Will and Matt. YES. They will be sharing the Tyra Suite, I know it. The prettiest girl in the house, indeed.
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Every time Romeo started talking about witchcraft all I could think about was this.
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